Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Want Response!

I know it's kind of stupid to blog about this, but if you happen to read my blog then help me out here girls!

I need respondents for my project and urgently need results! So if you are a guy, then help me forward to your female friends on MSN or email alright? Thanks!

For CURRENT and PREVIOUS Fasio Mascara Users: CLICK HERE!


For Mascara Users who have NEVER tried Fasio Mascara before: CLICK HERE!

Last Sunday, I mentioned about my CCA dance group performing at the Serangoon Country Club, and a dear friend of mine helped me record it down. If you want to see my lousy dancing, here:

It's not that I want to put myself down by saying I can't dance, but because this dance we only learnt it in 3 hours, with no other prior practising, thus the nervousness and all.

I had to dance in a sexy black corset for the first time on stage, in front of many uh, males. Naturally I feel uncomfortable! It feels like a flesh parade. :/ See how much back meat I reveal. Haha.

Ok, I got to do my work before heading of to Rainie's event (Wai, for you!). :D

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