Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kimmo's Big 19

Was celebrated at Swissotel with a bunch of us, namely Marvin, Neng Hao, Alan and us three girls Shy, Kimmo and I. (*coughs* More girls were supposed to attend but... *coughs*)

It was a simple affair, and because Alan works there as a staff, we get to eat the buffet at half price. Heh.

Using my half-dead Canon ixus izoom, these are the wonderful moments captured that night. I'm emphasizing that these pictures were from my lousy cam because Shy used her new Canon DSLR (or something like that!) and took many pictures as well and hers turned out to be damn good quality can! (Posting them in the next entry) so that the difference is CLEAR.

The important people, introducing Momo, the birthday girl:

Her very busy and stressed out boyfriend, Marvin Tan:

Pal of Shyanne, Alan:

Ambassador friend of Kimmo's, Neng Hao:

The buffet was simply scrumptious! The restaurant offers a wide variety of food, from Indonesian to Western food. The seafood and Sashimi are so fresh. It is also well-known for their Durian dessert.

Neng Hao was eating non-stop, I think he had three rounds or more of servings. He tried their "Shark's Fins" soup as well.

Well, looks like Kimmo enjoyed her dinner. I hope she enjoyed herself as much as I do! :D

Everyone was very interested with Shy's cam and we all tried taking photos and all. I intend to post up some of those I took in the next entry.

When I arrived slightly later than the rest, Alan and Shy was drinking beer. I drank that night as well. I tell you, these guys really made a big fuss out of nothing! Haha. The moment my lips touched the glass cup, they exclaimed that I had enough. :D

At least I'm better off some big chap who was alcohol-poisoned on his grand 21st birthday!

Throughout the night I was pretty entertained, because Marvin kept 'bullying' Kimmo and even though he seemed lethargic, his sarcastic jokes still made it. Hur.

* * *
After dinner, Marvin had to rush back to his office and carry on whatever work he has to complete. The rest of us headed to Brewerkz for some beer tasting!

The guys were the ones who made the decision of what to drink and finger food. Alan spruced up the moment we entered Brewerkz, and I wonder why. :D

The guys were going on and on about different kinds of beer and what's nice, while I decided my drink: Cranberry Fruit Beer ( I think) Very mild one lah!

Personally, I admit I'm not a good drinker and I go very red halfway through a cup of almost any kind of alcohol. I don't spout nonsense, go drunk and pass out but I do get very, very red and happy as well. Heh.

That's why Kimmo was very shocked when she saw this:

Same goes:

Seriously, we did not try putting them together, but they both just look ... awkward. Why?!
* * *
2 weeks, the period of time I can break away from school, mean people, stress just a little. Disturbing emails had arrived in my Inbox already. Sigh. Walao, what I have done . . .

Action speak louder than words.
Of all people, I think I know this best. Thanks to the good training of 2 years. :'(

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