Friday, December 14, 2007

TITbits Anyone?

If you think I've made a spelling mistake, you're very, very wrong.

Neng Hao bought a packet of preserved prunes last week and on the packaging:

DELICIOUS TIT-BITS GUYS. No wonder Neng Hao's was addicted to it.

* * *

It was a pleasure to meet Paul Crinis and Neil Bailey in person. It's a pity I didn't even say 'Hi' to them. :( It's a enriching experience working with my TV Production groupmates. Starshea, Sujith, Sam, Selwyn, Heather and Princess. We'll do better for the demo show! I just know. :)

* * *
Last weekend I went to Manhatten Fish Marker for the first time with a couple of friends and I swear the food is better than Fish & Co. Heh. The price is also slightly cheaper. On the down side, the aircon is freezing.

We went to The Cathay and Plaza Singapura to get presents for our friends respectively and I found a new shop that would from now on be my favourite hangout place. <3! (I'm not going to share man! :P Unless you go with me.)

Another reason for me to head downtown nowadays:

Christmas is coming. I know on that day itself, the excitement wasn't what I had anticipated, but it's the feeling of waiting for this DAY to come that makes me feel sooooo good. The atmosphere, music, company and food!

All the red, green, white and blue ... ...

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