Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kimmo Big 19 II

Like I mentioned in the previous post, the pictures from Shy's spanking new Canon.

The gorgeous view of Singapore's favourite nightspots, beautiful Clarke Quay. (Boat Quay is equally breathtaking at night, experienced that on Fri night, with the right company of course! :D)

A little way down along the path, you'll reach Merchant Court, Swissotel. Looking good already. :P

The hungry people have no mercy! There's so much food we just HAVE to try everything. For a girl my size, I have a pretty big appetite. Heh. I have no idea why, but nowadays I have a huge fetish for seafood. There's not a single day in my life now that I don't have a prawn, oyster or sotong in my mouth. Oh dear.

Shy finished her main course early to prep herself for many rounds of desserts! The dark chocolate is soooo good!

Shy was taking photos of me all night despite the fact that Kimmo's the key character. Apparently, she finds it absolutely funny that Thiang drinks. BEER. Just Tiger Beer! I guess I just have to entertain them sometimes. Haha! XD
I spot her taking candid shots of me!

Totally unexpected. Many unglam moments.

Shit, I DO look like I'm obsessed with the cup of beer. 0.0

I know it's not very nice to play with my food at a decent restaurant, but I didn't care about my table etiquette. I went ahead, plant my lips on the thick creamy chocolate to make the impression that I had just put on chocolate lip gloss. Oooh, so much fun.

Still trying my best to not look awful. Heh.

Some people just need a good haircut! XD

The girls went bonkers. Our signature pose: Shy will ALWAYS be in the middle, no idea why either.

Cheers bro!

Marvin bade goodbye!

I just came back from peeing, and then admired the magnificent view of The Central (haha!).

As we moved over to Brewerks, I started fiddling with the cam and this was my first shot:
Nice eh? The picture quality is super sharp!

Kimmo had a go too:

Then I got very excited and took EVEN more photos while they talked over food and drinks.

This one, was taken by Shy, and I didn't rotate this!

A radiant Birthday Girl! :D

One looking pretty, another with the sexy pout looks...cute.

The happy people!

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