Saturday, December 8, 2007

Proud Of It

Momo's 19! :D

Happy 19th Birthday Kimmo dear! I hope you'll enjoy your day with Marvin! Heh.

Love ya! Us 6 people went out to Merchant Court for buffet dinner last night, it was so yummy. Well we all drank a little and got high (even those who didn't drink). We had to you see, else go Clarke Quay for what I say? To let loose and have some fun!

I'm proud I finished my fruit beer and Tiger beer alone. Brewerkz seriously, is a cool place to hang out. Thanks to the two guys who treated us to the food and beverage!

As you can tell, Advertising is driving us insane. Not the module, but more likely the tutor. I wouldn't deny I was effing angry at him on Wed. Oh well, there's NOTHING I can do about it if I want to pass the module and maintain a 'harmonious' relationship.

The day before only did the AD informed me that I had to do an ad. And I came up with this:

I'm proud of it, regardless of whether you think it's awful or not. I love it. :P Heh. What drives me even crazier is that after I completed this, none of them used this ad at all. Like I always said, no matter what I do, or how hard I try, people will never think I'm good enough, or wouldn't use my work.

Then, ask me do for what? If not, the work I do, will never be recognized because other people will claim the credit. I don't get it. It just makes me feel so worthless and I get angry.

On Monday, I had my OIAP(Overseas Industrial Attach Project) interview and I was considered for a post in a dyeing company in China. All night I had been thinking hard about it, until the next day I was told I would be going Nias if that is ok.

After much enquiring about the living conditions in Indonesia and particularly that farm, I had decided not to go overseas.

(Yay for those who will miss me, and those who aren't, I ... I ... have nothing to say to you. Hur.)

Dinner that night, I had requested for my best pal to come out for catching up session but apparently, the meet-up was a wrong move in my opinion. I see no point in brooding over it for now since yet again, another person chose to let me wait for an answer. All I hope for, is only the best, in order to keep me bubbly.

Cheers to Onion for his wise opinions on the OIAP trip and listening to my friendship woes. Thanks friend. :)

Daddy went to work and brought home this little thing the day before yesterday. Guess it if you will, it's actually a chocolate snowman.

I bet sis will be the first one to bite off its head. Since young, Ah Jie has been quite a sadist. I will never forget that she seeks pleasure in cutting off all the Barbie dolls' hair, leaving them with only 1-2cm length worth of blonde hair left. Poor things.
I'm proud to have the awesome poly friends I have because they have taught me a lot, especially Momo and Cabbage Kang, on love, live and well, other stuffs. Heh.

This post have been totally random but I can't be bothered much because I have so many things on my mind and many many photos to blog about! I'm thrilled.

Holidays are coming in a week's time, Christmas in 17 days and my Birthday in 20 days.


Thiang Thiang! :D

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