Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pretty Family

My grandpa's 69th birthday was celebrated at Liang Court/Phoenix Dim Sum Restaurant on a Sunday morning.

Well, I self-admit I'm not exactly the kind of girl who's family-oriented, thus there won't be any hugging, cheek-pecking or "I love you".

Amongst the entire family, including the cousins and all, I'm still closer to my sister. We're not exactly the sisters who would buy stuffs to one another every week, gossip in our rooms, but I know she'll always be looking out for me and come to save me if I ever need help (even though she had to scold me in the middle of the night).

Aww. And we're such camwhores. She when she does it at home while I do it only in the toilet because I have nothing else better to do.

Occasionally we do it outside when we're in the mood. It's been a LONG time since we last took photos together! Heh.

Some changes over the months are that, we no longer look like twins and I've become the "elder" sister with my "mature" look and she becomes the "younger" one. Hur.

Things that will never change? Our sister-ship and blur character. Heh heh.

Lunch was fab, since dim sum is one of my favourite kinds of food. I didn't take any photos of them though.

Family photos!

I have no idea what got into my dad's mind. He just went to carry my cousin up, very random indeed. My sis just wouldn't miss any opportunity for a good photo.

Monkey see, monkey do. :P

Since I was the one who took the photos, I now have the responsibility to process 3 8Rs, which I don't have the time to do so. I'll do it next week.

Cultmaster Kee mentioned in Facebook message that the Japanese supermarket is good. I went to take a look and tried their fresh milk. Very normal leh. Hmm. I also bought a packet of lollipops. Heh.

We gorgeous people!

  • So how was Zouk Out? (Those who went)'
  • I had an awesome weekend meeting friend's friends/partners at Orchard!

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