Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rainie's Music Celebration

Was held at Dragondfly on 2 Dec 2007 (yeah I know it's long over! :/). That's the media pass, along with the co-organiser, UFM 100.3.

Chun Yan here was the one who invited me to the event. There was an earlier outdoor event held at Bukit Panjang but I forgo that one. :) A week before Rainie's event was Kelly's event. Not that I 'm exaggerating, but the number of people who turned up is like, approximately 5 times the number of people who turned up for Kelly's event. The high tables and chairs were cleared, making way for "standing seats".

Obviously there were more fans, a lot of banners/posters and screams/whistles. Sponsors, organisers were allowed into the VIP area. However, no drinks/snacks were served. It's very annoying to be watching and not be able to have anything to munch on or drink. Tsk.

By the time I reached, the queue was already long, reaching the carpark near the restaurants. I was pretty surprised. I stayed close to Dao Kai and bunch before heading in with them as well. The reason why I came was to spend some time with these friends but the guys went over to Jurong IMM for Wilber's event. 0.0

I didn't want to go over because it was so bloody far. I know Minty would die to go see Wilber if it was in 2005.

I will compare the two artistes who performed. Rainie's popularity might override Kelly's, but in my humble opinion, Kelly's performance really is better than Rainie's on that day. Why?

Rainie's opening performance didn't go well. Halfway singing, her voice went off and she stopped singing, stopped dancing, but started coughing lightly on stage, leaving the CD music playing in the background. The dancers helped out though, catching on the music and spotlight.

Now I know why popularity is so important. The more popular an artiste is, the more forgiving her fans are. How true. Despite the boo boo she made in the opening, the fans cheered and shouted,


kind of statements.

I haven't even begin talking about her normal clothes. She didn't put 100% into the dancing as well. On the other hand, she does have a very sharp tongue, putting Jian Wen in a spot sometimes.

Then once again she performed a song and asked for the fans to sing along with her, or to forgive her if she did not manage to hit the key etc.

Well, at least now I know she can sing SOME songs and they're actually quite nice. I've since erm, got them into my itunes.

She really does enjoys selling her "cutesy-ness" in a sense that she used it as an asset to win the crowds' heart. To some people, she just seems a little over-confident that might lead to arrogance. I guess people in the media line sometimes need to equip with necessary skills.

When fans put a big box in front of her on stage, she got a little apprehensive, worried that it might be a person inside or something, but it turned out to be a huge Doraemon plush toy, given by her fan club. How lucky huh?

Rainie played a game with the audience, who can dance better to her songs, will win. This guy won pants down because his moves are so funny that he tickled Rainie.

Jian Wen totally made the afternoon entertaining for me with his very glib tongue and sense of humour.

If you remember that I said I misplaced my SD card, this one that I'm using has only a capacity of 256MB, thus the very short video. Heh. But even from this song, "Lang Lai Le" that she performed, it's clear that she didn't put her 100% into it. Tell me if you share the same sentiments.

For this action she had done, I find it a tad bit annoyed. The technicians behind had trouble with the playing of the songs, so she had to wait. Initially she just went,

Hit the music please!

Which later developed into,

Uh huh? Uh huh? I still don't hear the music~
I hope you can understand the kind of pitch she used to said that.

Yan Zhi was absurdly hilarious. He dozed off while watching her performance, standing. =.=! Yan Zhi is such a Yan Zhi!

This is resident DJ Jian Wen from 100.3. Funny chap, really he is. There were a couple of girls who came over to get his signature! I guess he has done well that evening! :D

I don't think it's very visible, but Jian Wen had put on a "Jellyfish" wig to match Rainie's image, and even drew a small star shape on his face that represents Rainie's mole.

This was the closest I could get to her. Hmmm.

I'm looking forward to more events. I want to clear all my photos! :P
MCR & Momo's Birthday...
* * *
Eil requested for an updated birthday list.

A quick one:
  1. White bag
  2. Birthday card
  3. Diana Lomo Cam
  4. Elizabeth Arden perfume
  5. Bangles
  6. High heels
  7. Blusher
Oh dear, all material stuffs. Strike them, make me happy for 24 hours and I'm satisfied. Because for the past 17 years, I have not enjoyed my birthday thoroughly at all. There will always be something that happened that ruined the day. :/

Eileen Kang, you'd better spend time with me on 28 Dec. Haha. Zouk ah, ZOUK.

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