Sunday, December 23, 2007

What Quirkyness!

Last weekend I caught a quirky movie named Mr. Mangorium's Wonder Emporium.

Well some may call me weird, but I'd like to say I'm individualistic, and uh, quirky.

A movie like that, interests me, despite its abrupt ending.

I mean, after all it's still a Fantasy movie, and that Hoffman isn't exactly the ugliest actor in Hollywood, so yeah, I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

I've meant to get back on track to my movies/popcorn obsession a long time ago and I seem to have finally gotten back on track, just before I realized today that the figure reflected in the ATM was shockingly alarming.

To curb this problem, I have sorted out my thoughts and figured that after setting aside $200 for my birthday dinner, $30 for manicure tomorrow (I've booked it a month ago), and $20 for Sec 2 class gathering, maybe $40 (or do I need more?) to standby for Zouk experience, plus $25 for the potluck session with SHHK peeps, in addition to the $138.90 I spent on Christmas gifts today, I should stop spending. Yeah. I can't shop for a LONG time anymore.

Not unless I can get a good job after my exam in Feb. And even if for the couple of Angpows that I may be receiving on my Birthday and Chinese New Year, no, I don't think I can afford to jeopardize my financial status any further.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned that the cost of living in Singapore is so bloody high now? $18 for a cab trip? $8 for a standard meal? $3 to go home on a public transport? I mean, come on lah, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Even the average-income families now have to downgrade to HDB flats. (At least some of them can't wait to move out of the condo. ;) )

And so I reduce to the state of getting my hair done at Toni & Guy Academy. Well if you want to think that I'm just a "guinea pig", I am! :D

But come to think of it, I haven't received a single negative comment on my hair, and almost feedback I've got, they liked it. :)

I cut it really short this time, and boy do I look mature. Of course, not when I'm in denim jumpers.

You know what's the best part? The student who did the hair for me, is desperately in need of hair models. So if you're interested, email me or tag me or something ok? I must say he really know what he is doing and he will respect your every decision, so no worries. Sadly, females only!

Well and after the movie I thought I was a bit hungry, and so I purchased this kid combo, which is a really good treat and I think I'll have it the next time I'm at Lido again (I really hate the seats).

But you know what?

I will NEVER, EVER, refuse anyone who can offer me a box of salty popcorn from Lido, what with all the butter smeared over it (a must!).

Jolly, how I wish I could have that Ralph Lauren (light blue bottle) perfume and that pair of heels from DMK. Stupid rising cost.

28th Dec.
Not exactly my house.
But downstairs.
I will play (fine, not literally) music!


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