Monday, December 31, 2007

Fatigue Sets In

It won't be long before soon.

I'm spending every single day for the past two weeks outdoors.

This has got to stop.

I'm so tired! I mean, seriously. I literally dropped dead on a chair at VivoCity. My legs can't even move any further, scary shite. Heh.

I've been wanting to blog for since last week and I realized I haven't. Hur.

This was taken like, two weeks ago on the day Shy and I stayed over at Momo's place, which also marked the beginning of this holiday season! We headed to Crystal Jade, Borders, then her house. At Borders, we saw this book named "The Disease to Please" and it's totally applicable to Kimmo. Hur. Maybe I should get her this book.

This is true. Good girl friends rock my world. Thank you! ^-^

I'll be back real soon. After all that annoying schoolwork! :)

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