Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cash For Trash

For as much as I want to defend the Chinese papers in Singapore not being trashy , I can no longer deny the awful fact.

Other than the recent cab fare hike, oil prices hike, properties news, I realised people began to google for MC King. He who just passed away last friday in the afternoon due to breathing problems. (Goodness, people only care when he leave.)

From what I found out, his blog (I read them occasionally) entry usually receive 0-6 comments. But as soon the news of him leaving us, the comments skyrocketed to 291 (the last time I checked). [0.0]

I was flabbergasted when I heard it from my friend. I thought he had made a mistake and I immediately went AsiaOne, and it's for REAL. Damn it. Because I often bump into on the roads, be it taking the same lift at The Cathay, or even standing next to him at the 100.3Fm SIX party. It is my utmost regret not speaking to him or taking a photo, but then if I did, I would feel even horrible now.

The point is, at the same time, Zoe Tay turns 40 recently (I don't know when and I don't really care) and yesterday while I was standing next to the dining table, the Chinese paper read "MC King 's Funeral, Zoe Tay Celebrates Birthday with a Big Bang (and received many boo-boos)".

This is really trashy in my opinion. I mean, ok fine, Zoe's really popular among the aunties and uncles, she held a birthday celebration outside Bugis Junction, how is that related to MC King's death?

Showing genuine emotions towards MC King's death is much appreciated, but there are also people who wants to support their favourite Caldecott Queen for her 40th birthday. So HOW is that NEWS?

I rolled my eyes immediately upon seeig the two occasions being compared.
But, I applaud the new image of "My Paper". I flicked through it very briefly yesterday and it by appearance it looks pretty good. At least I see REAL issues.

Bruce just said something evil, mean and nasty, but I think the pun was funny.

- Bruce

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