Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Cold Shoulder


I wasn't the only one who experienced the whole blog failure thing and true enough, it was Advertlets that screwed up their system. However, Advertlets have kept me updated so I'm not bothered. You can read about the issue here at Advertlet's blog if you want:

But the cheque that I want to touch so badly hasn't arrived yet and it's been two long months. :(

As if it's not bad enough, Nuffnang just come up with a whole new BIG idea of Nuffnang Glitterati and it the deal that came with it is very much tempting! I'm sure likes of Jayden, Typical Ben, Thy-Dowager and Ice-Angel (or whatever name she is, the one that makes all her self-portraits dreamy-looking) are definitely stars of Nuffnang. So, it's pointless even if I want to join the club. Moreover, I'm now exclusive with Advertlets.

The only downside to this is the hoo-ha that happened four days after I went exclusive. 0.0
Haha. Oh, I just thought of another one. Longer waiting time for cheque to reach Singapore! :(
However, I like Josh (the founder of Advertlets). He's nice and very prompt in his replies. Heh. :)

* * *

So I'm finally over and done with the Feature Assignment two, and now I'm in the final league of the race. Four more weeks!

I think just about four weeks ago, Graffiti Galz have this gathering at Centrepoint. I really must emphasize, that I wasn't late because I spent much time dolling up (in fact, I was crying terribly just before that). I couldn't find the bloody Japanese restaurant located at basement (not even mentioned which basement level it is).

As much as I can recall, Zhhen, Shi and Yu was already there chatting away and when I arrived the situation was a tad bit awkward.

Moving on, I need something to quench my thirst thus ordered for a cup of iced water, which appeared to be so damn small that I can finish it within two gulps, and there was black stuff in it.

When probed about the black stuff in the cup and asked for a change of a new one, the waiter insisted it was just tea leaves. Uh, but we're drinking iced water? Not to be picky but the subsequent cups of water were all like that, and they didn't serve water to each and everyone of us.

In addition, the waiters were slow and at one point in time when we asked for exchange of the desserts (they forgot to put the 'tang yuan' inside the red bean soup), they took them away and totally forgotten about it. 0,0

To think I still paid them $25 for service charge.

I offered to waive the GST and service charge for the girls the first time and they were apparently shocked.

"Woah, so nice ah?"

Oh well. The same goes when I tried to treat Shy once to free iced dessert at Bugis. Queer huh, that on the eve before I turned 18, I treated my folks and Sis to Fortunate Restaurant. And Onion had to say, "Wah, you very rich huh?"

I was taught to treat my family to a nice meal as a form of courtesy and respect, the dinner was nice anyway, looking at how the Manager and waitress trying to get the fresh prawns drunk by soaking them in XO liquor.

I digressed too far.

This restaurant, by the way, is called ... uh, nevermind, I forgotten. It not very wallet-friendly, but at least the food was good.

Yu and I shared this plate of Sashimi for $30.

Shi and Zhhen enjoyed their Season's Set of a huge variety of food which they can't finished, and I shamelessly helped them to eat it.

I've never really gotten myself to eat this Cha Soba, for fear that I might puke or something upon eating cold noodles. I heard it's tasteful though. :/

This is good. But the green thing inside, I think it's lady's finger. Hur.

Cherie and Ying arrived about an hour later, looking very sexy in her low-cut spaghetti top and mini tube dress. Ying just have to sabotage Cherie by peeling off her jacket to reveal her ample cleavage (of course not as big as Eileen's).

I haven't seen this girl in a gazillion years! I'm appalled to find out that after all her hardworking habits in school, her ambition is to marry a rich man and thinks that females shouldn't be studying hard. Haha. See what the society has mould her into.

On the other hand, the legendary 'tai-tai' heiress wants to do major political work in the United Nations. I haven't seen her in a gazillion x10 years. She now have the what I claim "sex hair", a Arabic boyfriend whom she kisses (she rarely kisses anybody) and is going on a Eurotrip next year. Sigh, the high and mighty people (with all the money!).

Shi is now a happy girl with her "hubby" Clifford. Lying next to her arm was a Hugo Boss paper bag that contains the gift that she bought for Clifford.
She's currently working in the French Connection boutique. Does anybody knows how I can get to work in the fashion industry over the holidays as well? Hmmm.

Following that Yu have to leave, so the rest of us girls were debating with either Mind's Cafe or a pub by the roadside. We chose the latter and I would I say I had fun.

We ordered beer and alcohol, played Indian Poker while singing to Christmas carols that we don't really know hoe to sing. :P

In case you haven't notice, I now have really shot hair. :*(

On the left is Minty, who was still as late as ever. Haha. She decided not to come for dinner but after much persuasion, I think she took a cab down to find us or something.

The pub was quiet for a Thursday evening (holiday season) and we just talked and played and laughed and silly Mr Ting was text-messaging us.

Shi and I may or may not hold liquor well, but uh, we turn red damn fast with just a bit of alcohol.

Coincidentally, Neng and his friend, Mark was just around the corner having dinner and dropped by to have a drink as well. We played even more poker and the stupid "tiu tiu tiu" game that got us all very high.

Funny thing is because Mark drives, they referred him as a "Kai zi", which means rich old man (loosely translated).

At the end of the day, a good gathering makes your holiday feel more ... fulfilling. :)


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