Thursday, January 10, 2008

Had To

It's like some stupid habit that I've got to change my blog banner every now and then, because my appearance changes, and my thoughts, beliefs and attitude as well.

Ta-da! Here's my new blog banner, I've picked up some new Photoshop skills from friends and tips from my secret place, and though it's not my best, that currently what I have to offer now.

Once again, I would like to hear some feedback yo. :) (Bruce, I know you can give some. :P)

* * *

Some serious backtracking to do. Three weeks ago, I was invited to a Christmas "party" gathering at a friend's place.

Other than my usual year spending Christmas alone at home, this time round it was better. But as a routine, I always pamper myself and get a good manicure (yes, I fought hard not to peel my nails for 2 weeks, but still fail to get a French manicure since it's STILL too short, fine, I did peel a bit.)

Jeremiah is his name. His place, his and his girlfriend, Michelle's invitation.

Michelle doesn't look local, and her coloured contact lens ain't helping either. :D Michelle's sister was there with her boyfriend as well, so this gathering turned out to branch out it a lot of directions. Which is very cool, and I like meeting new people and all, but I do get nervous knowing all the boyfriend's friends at once.

You see, they are the most we're-in-this-together couple, because they practically do everything together. And sadly for a couple of guy friends, whose girlfriends are either away in the US, or running from China to Singapore to Australia.

He brought me over there, and I have to apologize because I promised to go over to his place to help him with the sandwiches and failed to do so. The parents were expecting, so I am officially very guilty.

Amongst the six of the men (literally, since 21 years old is the youngest), I first met three of them one random Saturday night in town.

One whom includes Jeremiah (right) and a new tan, muscular one who just came back from Thailand. His name is Oliver Goh (center) and to know more about his achievements, you could simple type "Oliver Goh + Ngee Ann" in the Google box. A pretty amazing life he leads I would say.

This big friendly giant's name is Neng Hao. But you won't know more about him by Googling, because he appears mostly on blog entries and Facebook and Friendster. But for starters, he' really good with the elders, lecturers, kids, and friends. :)

Ah, the one on the utmost left, I merely shook hand with him. I only met him once, Faizal, and I heard from the guys that he appeared in the HSBC bank TVC ad, and is a personal trainer that appears in Straits Times. Uber cool and SUPER fit.

Well apparently Jeremiah used to be of a smaller frame, and for old times' sake and simple fun, Jeremiah had to jump onto the guys to take a photo. :D
This is Jeremiah's family. Jeremiah's mom makes DAMN GOOD pizza, I think she should open one near Sengkang.

While editing the following picture, I had the urge to put a speech bubble for Faizal, saying, " OMG, a handy cam!" I mean, look at his expression.

Oh, the fairly dark girl on the right, her name is Eunice. She ... has a history with Neng two years ago. I think she's very strong, being in Dragonboat and all.

Michelle has been taking a lot of picture of me that night with her Canon cam and I feel intimidated by using my mini Canon ixus izoom.

After dinner, somebody just had to haul out the Swensen's ice cream.

I'm sorry I made Michelle look sick here. :P

How can I miss out Leanne? She is so sweet, I agree. She bought me a present from overseas even though I met her for the first time.

Sis said she looks very pretty, and I agreed to that as well (not because she bought me present lah!).

I call him, Mr. Furball.

We left Jere's house at 9.15pm because we have National Treasure to catch, and we were 35 minutes late for the movie. There's something about me that I dislike engaging something in the midst of another, so I didn't entirely enjoy the show. Hmm. But the after-activities was fun.

The four of us basically walked the entire Telok Blangah.

We talked about choices, families, future prospects, housing, ghost stories and everything under the moon. Luckily I was in T-bar flats that day. Nonetheless, I was very very tired after which and took the cab home.

We had porridge and Liang Teh and Chee Kueh at the coffeeshop, dropped by SAFRA club and bumped into Andrew Chow, that funky man.

I'm sorry I've hurt. I'm sorry I'm hurting.

I just don't do thing the right way.

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