Sunday, January 6, 2008

Playing A Fool

I was irritated by a problem tonight.

Have any of you not being able to view this blog at all? Apparently, there's this site that probably hack into my account or something and directed my blog to another page even before my blog page fully loads!

I'm appalled and annoyed. For now, I've solved the problem, and a warning signal for me to change my password as well.
* * *
My very proud collection of birthday gifts of 2007 and thank you once again to all of the sweet thoughts. :)

In addition, Ming Le dropped by my place just now to pass her present. :D
* * *

For a normal 18-year-old, damels my age normally either hang out at Sentosa, Vivo, Marina Bay or Zouk for each major countdown party. However in the year 2007, I spent my quiet day at Jurong's Chevrons club, with a bunch of aunties and uncles linedancing.

Shocking, I know.

Luckily for me, Eileen and Benson dropped by for a little while and kept me company. It's really damn loser-ish to not scream along, "10-9-8-7...." , and I made an even stupid-er choice by doing my MM assignment when Mr. Neng is the emcee, and the folks were dancing to Apologize.


Well in life we definitely encounter the highs and lows, but definitely the last day of 2007 wasn't a pleasant one for me. Heh.

I took on the role of a videographer at the scene:

I didn't lie, do I? Heh.

Better late than never,


* * *

I guess this probably doesn't affect anybody, but I've gained a hefty weight of 2.5kg over the past two weeks. 0.0

I'm serious.

But the tough dancing (Stretching) session (by a new, super fierce dance teacher) two days ago had almost toned my muscles. In spite of the lack of time and sleep in this semester, I've made up my decision to join her class for the next seven lessons.

* * *

Dad offered to drive me to Bedok interchange this morning.

He went from Sengkang to Pasir Ris to Tampines to Eunos to Bedok, plus a big round about at Bedok, before reaching the exact location where I'm supposed to reach.

He could have just turned left at the first exit of TPE, but had claimed to miss it just because I was talking to him.

The males, cannot multi-task.

Admittedly, I kept our conversation going throughout the ride just to test the ability of men to do multiple tasks at the same time and thus causing much trouble for him.

Tell me, have you encountered similar incidents? :D

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