Thursday, January 10, 2008

Corny Christmas

It's a yearly thing that all minor and major malls decorate themselves to capture of the whole spirit of Christmas. This year I spent my Christmas Eve at Bugis, while counting down in town.

On Christmas Eve it didn't begin nice, because I had organised a Advertising meeting and we had loads of things to solve, and that mostly took up half my day. Following that I headed to Bugis Junction, and it more or less feels like just another normal day.

I have my quick bubble tea session at my favourite cafe while waiting for Neng to arrive. He HAD to choose the most awful drink I'd ever tasted (I'd warned him not to pick the unsafe name of "Grasshopper").

After Bugis Junction's renovation, I didn't realise there were a lot of eateries as well and we tried this new one called WongKok or something, and apparently according to Neng Hao, the atmosphere was bad.

No doubt the food was pretty good, it's just that the lightings doesn't match the food, the music doesn't match the feel, the furniture doesn't match the allocation of seats (very cramped while the furniture is very sleek-ish).

When we head out, it was already dark.

Instead of joining the crowds along Orchard Road, we managed to squeezed passed them and made our way through to Lido and just bought popcorn and drinks, and wrote out a lists of things we want to get. As corny as it may sounds, my Christmas Eve was spent very quietly and blissfully chatting, laughing and writing lists. :D

Then when the clock strikes 12 (chey, I still thought I could here people countdown from Lido), Neng and I went down to find Kenneth, who haven't eaten yet.

Thus our plans were, walk over to Dhoby to some eatery where he wants to eat. In the end, he had his share at the Burger King joint at Centrepoint anyway. 0,0 Haha.

The walking took us a long period of time! I was amazed by the crazy people (YOUNG and OLD alike) spraying foam at each other (and then dumping the bottles right on the ground just like that! Basket!); scared to see so many Bangladeshis gathering around in groups, cuddling each other, sitting along curbs, jumping up and down behind those grills; totally insane. Well, at least this year there's less groping and grinding I guess.
* * *

I dislike the Indian Janitor Lady (at the Convention Center).

Firstly she curse you under her breath while you're peeing/washing hands.
Secondly, she starts chasing you out by knocking on your cubicle and wants you out.
Thirdly she scolds you for using the toilet because you walk around in front of the full-length mirror.
Fourthly, she looks as though she's ALWAYS mopping/cleaning the toilet, thus DISALLOWING you to enter the toilet.

And guess what happened just now?

She locked the toilet. (O-O")

I had no choice but to use the Handicapped.

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