Monday, January 14, 2008


(ěm'ə-nənt) Pronunciation Key
  1. Of high rank, station, or quality; noteworthy: eminent members of the community.
  2. Outstanding, as in character or performance; distinguished: an eminent historian. See Synonyms at noted.
  3. Towering or standing out above others; prominent: an eminent peak.

Irrelevant. I just missed this word. It's been ages since I last proclaim it out loud that I belong to this class, Eminent.

Eminent is the name for my Secondary 1 & 2 class, and we had a gathering on the 26 Dec o7 at Glass House Fish & Co.

I had made plans earlier on with Onion and Fung to meet earlier to chill. So Onion and I were a little late, to find Fung in a sexy V-cut green Topman shirt that was given to him as Christmas gift. Unexpected of him to wear that. You'll know why later.

My pal here just got back from Taiwan, no doubt exhausted but very happy. A sad thing though, we didn't get to exchange Christmas presents this year.

Then Onion took ages just to decide what to drink, and the waitress got confused with the drinks we ordered with the patrons next to our table.

The Coffee Connoisseur serves some really good beverages, but I'm not too sure about the food though, I haven't tried them before.

We caught up on quite a bit of stuff, mostly with Onion keeping quiet because Fung was telling me how my blog persona is very pretentious and that I'd changed.

It wasn't that bad, really, because at least I know the truth, and why I was receiving the cold shoulder from many.

I missed the old days, but I'm currently living in a harsh one, so I guess this is environmental conditioning. It's not like I haven't tried to contact anybody, yet it seems like the reasons they gave were unexplainable.

"We thought you're always busy so we didn't ask you."

But I hope they know I'll always be there if anywhere, anytime they need me. :)

The three of us confirmed that some of the guys have already reached there before making our way there. It was so awkward. There was only one ther girl whom I don't speak to, so I sat alone at the end of the desk, trying to look calm.

Luckily it didn't take a long time for my best friend (in Sec 1&2) to arrive, seated next to me. :D

>>Ming Le.

I also used to have a "brudder"/"sista" named Wee Kiat (left), and we've come a long way. From Wei Sin (the girl he loved, our best friend, who left our school in Sec 2 and since disappeared), to ghost stories, to SYF competitions, to long walks home with Jun Ji and many more. He looks exactly the same, as rugged and pale and humorous in his own way as ever. :P

Shao Jun(right) seemed to have grown taller and stronger, and a little cooler perhaps due to his new fashion sense of copper brown hair, striped shirt with gold emboss, and grey skinny jeans. I recall the days where me, Fung and him studied at the airport for our O's.

And then there was my friend since primary school (Nicholas, left), who apparently grew up to be very manly in his thinking, but looks like he got trapped in a teenager's body.

On the right, the very queer Bing Rong didn't change a bit. His weird way of answering people's questions, and his odd behaviour of eating paper and staplers in secondary school.

(You don't really want to see the one who ate the black ink from the paint brush we used to write calligraphy with.) *shudders*

Ferlin(left) came as a surprise to both Ming Le and I because she seems so... mature and grown-up woman and all. She still seems as distant though, even when she offered Fisherman's Friend to me. Heh.

The three chaps on the right are Luther (we have our own friendship stories, Zi Jie (sorta stopped mingling since Sec 2), and Yen Wei (oddly but true, we talked more as we grow older) respectively.

On that day, Marcus(below) celebrates his big 18th! Yeah, and I finally get to witness that stupid procedure Fish & Co. puts the Birthday Boy through - the wearing of clown hat, holding on to the sparklers, blowing the candles from the standing position etc.

It was good fun though, very funny. :D

As they passed around that really small cake, somebody passed this over to me:
I was puzzled, but felt intrigued at the same time. When was the last time I ever saw this face? It seems so familiar. Ah yes, this is Fung of six years ago. How ... adorable.

Again, people do change. So does Ming Le and I as well. If one day I ever put up my photos when I was younger, it's going to scare people so badly.

Ming Le's speaking and appearance didn't change much, except for her hair (long and rebonded I presume). I got to meet her during the hols to find out more! :)

I don't understand why sometimes, 18-year-olds take photos like that:
Shouldn't they be cooler than that?

Still, Ming Le and I were the only two girls sitting at the other end of the table and found it difficult to talk the rest of the girls (they come in cliques, mind you). Thus we joined the boys for a game of pool at Hougang Plaza.
It went pretty well, just that I was thrashed badly, and sabotaged yet again by friends to go home along with Onion.

To end it off, I learnt a new word today:

pil·lion [pil-yuhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun
1.a pad or cushion attached behind a saddle, esp. as a seat for a woman.
2.a pad, cushion, saddle, or the like, used as a passenger seat on a bicycle, motor scooter, etc.
3.a passenger's saddle or seat behind the driver's seat on a motorcycle.

The friend who got injured, I hope he's fine. Motorcycles are dangerous, or so I found out when another friend of mine got into a bad accident. You know it's bad when you have three months worth of MC and 6 months worth of frequent check-ups.


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