Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thiang's 18th Boisterous Birthday

I've lost hope in my birthday to be a smooth-sailing one, because every year it has never happened. . .until my 18th! :D

It's a stupid act to put on a M&M red shirt to boost my luck. On the 27th, I brought my family out for dinner at Fortunate Restaurant at Toa Payoh.

The cake looks simple, but it taste awfully GOOD. Perhaps what made it so sweet was the fact that the cake was ordered by somebody else, and even the wordings he chose them.

Sis was in her heels when she helped me collect the cake from Takashimaya (Bakerzin), and she slipped and fell on her way there.

The following day was a long one! I self collected the cake this time round (another one!):

A few friends gathered, and that's my simple potluck dinner.

Here's how the clubbing experience like:

You take cab down because time is running late, and you want to be to able to get in, and at a chaeper price.

You pay $23 for entrance with your Mastercard and head inside Zouk. On the way in, you'll be too loss for words by the amazing party animals around you.

Plus, the club was well packed, thus having your handphone with you at all times is crucial to contact your friends.

You meet your friends and get one of them to buy drinks: huge jugs of alcohol. So while waiting, you take glamourous photos with your girlfriends.

Meanwhile, when your friend pass you of beer, you gladly accept it and drink to heart's content.

The first time I drink Baileys, I'm totally hooked! In order to enjoy a good one at a good atmosphere, I will club to do so.

It's clubbing. Which means the more the merrier.

And then perhaps new bonds form, and either sabotaging occur, or 'blind dates'. :D

Thomas was particularly interested in this lady on the podium. Partially because she has 'side boobs', and in his words, 'now that's what I call hot".
I've received numerous comments on us looking too alike, other than our face shape. And sadly, my sis got the "more compact" (Eileen) face.

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