Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thiang is such a Klutz

What a klutz!

klutz [kluhts] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun Slang.
1.a clumsy, awkward person.
2.a stupid or foolish person; blockhead.

I'll justify.

For starters, when I found my lost items (the last one being the wallet I think), now I lost my new Debit card and my organiser (which is bought in the first place to make me less of a klutz).


And I AM foolish, always pleasing the wrong people and offending the right people. When will I ever do the right things to the right people?
* * *

Dated 30 Dec (walao, sibeh long ago). See, that's how busy (not lazy) a Mass Comm student in NP (I can't guarantee for others, they take more exams but we do 643201285 projects) is like.

Two days after my 18th birthday, I have a photoshoot(no I'm not the model) early in the morning at Boon Lay. It took me a lot of effort to haul myself out of bed. :( Luckily my uncle agreed to drive us there, but because of the wrong address given, we were stuck in Boon Lay for an hour.

Models for my Advertising module are: Sis (left) and Jia Lin (my cousin third from left). Jia Lin's sister Jia Yan (right) were with us at the back of the car as well.

Meanwhile the adults are figuring their way around Boon Lay, we cam-whored (we really shouldn't). Heh.

I am very sleepy. Until right now, this moment. :(

I didn't notice I have eyebags until Neng pointed it out to me. Still, I like how my face shape looks here! :P

Should you spot this on my banner...
It's my sis, not me.

After the photoshoot, uncle drove sis and I to Vivo. Pathetically, I slept on the chair while waiting for Neng's arrival, thus causing the backache. 0,0

The lunch only took place at 4pm at a lousy place named KFC.

During the time when we wait for Sis to stroll over (she was working in Tangs), I was captivated by Neng's very brown eyes and occupied myself with it:

Apparently no matter how I wished I had brown eyes, I don't. But I know how to change it. Heh.

Near dinner time, we met up with Thomas and Oliver over Starbucks, while a well-built guy named Yong Quan popped over as well (unfriendly, didn't talk to me :D).

As the puddle of water outside Starbuckes glistened, I found myself in an extremely dreamy mode, and realized I dozed off on the couch for say, 10 seconds.

The saying of a lazy Sunday:
(P.S. I'm so proud of this, I can still take it while half-conscious. :D)

Thomas have a pair of natural hazel brown eyes. His sports hobbies made his brown eyes even more obvious, but I don't understand why they look nearly black here:

A standard parting shot:

Says Thomas.

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