Wednesday, January 23, 2008

F***ing Assholes

My conscious is clear, and I did my parts. But this is an angry post. More like helpless.

You guys f***ing were the ones saying we must do this do that, and assumed that I won't complete my work. Then, you guys took all the credit and I had to take the bullet from him.

F***, seriously, f***.

My 2 hours of "sleep" plus a f***ing hard time to wake up, and reprimanded by my dad after I woke up.

Staying in school till 11.15pm, dinner at 10.30pm, cabbing for $18, 2 pimples, in school at 8.30am, all in exchange for f***?

"Seriously ah, let's just go in and tell him we got nothing to show him and might as well we use the time to do the rest."


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