Thursday, January 17, 2008

Social Networking

I'm ashamed to announce that I still Facebook everyday. Well, not actively though. It's a daily routine to clean the requests at the side panel, and also to check on the mini feeds (best part! :D).

Recently, I've noticed a trend. A pretty troubling one. As in, you do know there's this two applications aptly named "Are You Interested" and "Meet New People"? I currently have 17 guys "Sending Flirts" to me and 9 guys "interested" in me. Haha.

Initially when I joined "Are You Interested", I was single and wanted to know if I interest guys at all. If yes, which kind? What are their hobbies? Sad to admit, human being are superficial, so - 'How they look like?' was also among the questions.

Then I added "Meet New People", I mean, no harm making new friends ain't it? But then again, I couldn't possibly meet them is it? (After I saw the list, and their looks/hobbies doesn't interest me.) So isn't it redundant? But it was fun nonetheless, knowing what kind of guys (my list is almost the same one type, odd) click on me. The same goes for guys as well (don't lie).

When I saw the 42-year-old Emin, I'm actually scared. 0.0 Uh, weird.

And I always take note of the "flirts" they use to send. Most of them, being lazy or uncreative or whatever reasons, used "Hi, I'm interested...". A daring one used "How about we stop pretending that we're not staring at each other profiles...".

Ha, never fails to make me laugh.

I did reply to one flirts amongst the guys listed above though. :P Of course, not with "Hi, I'm interested...".

Personally, I don't really believe in social networking site that will bring people together romantically. I haven't met one couple myself, have you? Through blogs, yes. My close friend and her interesting story. :D

Behind the monitor screen, what lies beyond? It's the virtual world we're talking about. Shouldn't we all be wary of some wolves in sheep's skin?

I always thought social networking sites serve its purpose of hook-ups and party dates and perhaps one-night-stands, but it couldn't possibly find your soulmate. I would like to hear the story if that really exists! :)

In addition, I believe people always put photo that best represent themselves or the best-looking photo as the profile picture. Normally, they don't look that good in person. Say my current profile picture, I think in that one the photo looked than I am in person. So if I were to meet up an old friend who found me on Facebook, would the other party be disappointed to see the contrast?

The most affected one perhaps are the people who seek for girls/guys online I guess. In the younger days where IRC/ICQ dominate the IM world, my pri/sec friends hid behind pillars to see if the person they meet are good-looking enough or not first, before showing up up front. 0.0" I know. So superficial.

I even recalled once being asked out by a girlfriend to Junction 8, only to know that she had agreed a guy to meet up. And in the end because he stayed near to my place, I had to go home with him! Even during the movie, I was seated next to him instead of my friend!

Sticky situation your friend dump you in. :(

Have you met with any mishap before?

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