Sunday, January 27, 2008

Three Eventful Issues

1) Puking at the Loof

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Thanks for inviting me. :)

First time to an atas(slang for high-class) pub.
9 good-looking,rich people who spoke fluent English.
1 very expensive, exquisite, unique birthday cake with 1 candle.

3 glasses of pure quality champagne and I'm down.
15 minutes of giddiness and one massive vomit on the floor.
1 hour of da-ing (slang for drinking continuously, one after another).
3am night riding.

At 6am, I slept.

* * *
2) The Need To Write This To ST Forum...

And it got published! :D Heh. Yay, 5 more bonus marks to Advertising (desperate attempt to earn them).

* * *
3) Pasar Malam on a Thursday night.

We were on the way home on a Thurs night after having a great dinner with Jie Wei. The Pasar Malam atmosphere was tempting, so we thought a quick walk wouldn't harm.

We were walking and looking and discussing excitedly about our childhood experiences at Pasar Malam when this Turkish guy stopped me, and gesturing me to come forward to his side.

Neng prodded my back and asked me to go over while he volunteered to take photos. 0,0

Well, one can't be too careful so I was apprehensive, thus this expression:

Because he just held my hand and asked to take the knife and cut the chicken meat on this machine! I haven't seen this before, but apparently it's barbecued chicken, which smells pretty nice by the way. But the heat was making me perspire. And I dislike sweating.

Later on it became fun. :P
I loving this boyfriend shirt I'm wearing because they don't expose much flesh, is cooling, and Neng says I look good in them. Heh. :D

Thing is, it doesn't belong to the boyfriend's, it belongs to my father. Hur.
The Turkish guy look a tad bit spastic here:

And anyway, I don't know if he's just joking or not, but when we're done cutting the meat, he went,

Ok now the fun is over, buy one.

I think he saw the stunned look on my face. :(

There was another interesting vendor that caught our eyes. Popsicles! But the flavours are carbonated, such like those we drink everyday.

The night was humid so we decided to purchase one stick each. Super old school, quenches the thirst, and very nostalgic. :)

The variety of flavours are labelled in coloured duct tape, all put into one big metal pushcart.

Neng, being the older and wiser and definitely child-like, bought a CNY songs compilation CD and a clock for me.

We were seriously considering getting one of the cheaper pyjamas and Spongbob Squarepants towel but the auntie wasn't nice.
Neng insists that I need one of these so that I can wake up in time, but obviously it didn't work that way because I stopped the alarm, and dropped dead again (today).

You may want to know which clock he got for me.

If your guess is the beep beep square face kind, then you're wrong.
We got the lime green small Keroppi Frog one. Heh.

Nostalgic ah, nostalgic. :D

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