Friday, January 25, 2008

Failure to Launch

The result, as of yesterday night, was 2/7.

It was 2/7 previously.

I don't see any improvement at all.
And I'm asking why. I think, the problem might lie with me? Or are they just difficult to deal with?

* * *
I got back my Feature Assignment 1 yesterday, and surprise surprise, I did pretty well without consult (I was expecting a D really).

* * *
Some Mass Communication female student is so bloody irritating.
1) Walks into the lift, talking on the phone. (I can't see her so I close the door when she was about to walk in) Gives me THE eye, turn her head, and continue her loud conversation, speaking with a slang.

2)Bump into her while taking the lift down again. Still talking on the phone, but this time round, Tasha and more people were in the lift. Irritating girl was standing in front of the buttons, blocked it, and not working on them. Merely stood there, hindering Tasha from working the buttons, and continued her chat.

3) Upon reaching her desired level, she walked out and her bag bumped into the sides of the door (if you know what I mean) on her own accord, thinking that somebody bumped into her or something. Halted for a second, rolled her eyes, before moving her skinny frame out of the path.

I overheard her saying "SPSS", she's at FMS what with her accent, I assumed she's a MCM Year 3. But wait, didn't my tutor said that Business students use SPSS, and speaks English too? She could have just came to find her Psychology friend or something.

Oh well.

Still, she's irritating the hell out of Tasha. :D

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