Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Being Diligent

My holidays are normally spent alone at home and trying to make my room/house a better living place for me.

For example, I've already ironed more than 30 pieces of clothings for 2 hours, mopped the floor (except my sis's room and parents'), start doing the laundry for two days, did all the paper filing for Year 1 and Year 2 notes and sheets and also packing the desktop.


This time round, I am even more diligent, because I've already went down to Compass Point and borrowed three books on raising a puppy, one book on Adobe Creative Suite, and have one English book (from Eil), one Chinese book (from Dao Kai), two magazines (bought from Malaysia) and two more books that Neng and I have decided to purchase soon (The Spiderwick Chronicles and Why Men......and Women ...... {Allan & Barbara Pease}) on hand, all of which I've set to finish reading.

Muahaha. Plus, these afternoons ain't quiet since Sis has been mugging in the living room (like real, with QQ playing around) and Neng dropping by to take a look at our puppy.

Speaking of which, last night Sis and I had to sleep in the living room again and this time round it was hell. I didn't sleep well because QQ couldn't fall asleep, and was making a lot of noise in the middle of the night. We thought she needed help pooping and peeing, so I had to do routine checks (damn I feel like a real mommy!).

So today is QQ's second day at her new house, and she was greeted by a new friend as well, none other than BiBi. Be it QQ seducing BiBi or BiBi being plain horny, they seem to be having fun and have dropped their guards against one another because of their happily wagging tails.

QQ's house was also renovated, and greeted with new shitting pans, as well as a new toy and snack.
These are once again taken with my phone because the cam is with Jia Ying.

That's her new orange ball toy that squeaks. :D

That's my beautiful girl.


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