Saturday, March 1, 2008


Steps to create your in-house photo shoot environment:

1) Prepare strong lighting. Since you do not own those big-ass ones, I suggest you use your study lamp. (That's what we did!)

2) Find a clean background, preferably white. Due to my house conditions, I think it's pale yellow. And the pathetic thing is, the only free space is along the corridor near the door. Hur.

3) Get models. Don't be too picky, be thankful they can even make sacrifices for you.

4) Prepare item(s), and its positioning.

5) Capture images and take more just in case. Eh, but for my case, Wei Long took really waaaaaaaaaaaay a lot. Heh. But can't blame him coz' he's a perfectionist, and he in my opinion he takes pretty good ones. I'll show you-

This is for Zhhens' Freitag bag (thanks for lending!):

The Environsax bag:

Wei Long came up with the whole idea!

These are obviously taken by me.

What do you think?

Then on another day, we rented a mini studio for better lightings, as according to WL it affects everything. Sis did me a huge favour by being my model, and I prepared all the clothes for her.

The idea here is to make use of only one clothing item i.e. shawl, and transform it into different styles for different occasions/events.

I'm proud of these coz' we completed this shoot within 15 mins. Yes, inclusive of the changing time. :D

* * *
For some, it's a 2-month long holiday and a good break whereas for many of my friends who chose to go OIAP, good luck and take care!

One of which is Wai, and Graffiti Gals sent her off yesterday at the airport.

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