Monday, February 18, 2008

Insight @ School

These photos were taken about a month ago during the project crunch time, and I'm finally getting round to post them up. Well, just to give a little insight of who I mingle with in school. :D

There, this is Sujith Kumar. He is eccentric (but that's like the characteristic of most Mass Commers) and a hot-blooded male targetin at the naturally wrong audience. Yet, he is the best friend you can ever wish. He's helpful, funny in his own way, extremely knowledgeable due to is broad reading across all media and research fetish on health problems. He has been helping me so much I'm thinking of what way I can show my gratefulness. :) Thanks Sooooj!

When this shot was taken, it was a second before MRM lesson commence and I think Ms Chan did throw me a dirty look. Hur. Mr Daryl here says he is a Buddhist, and he has a very cute name alright, with a surname of Nanayakaran (or almost similar).

Of course there's Kimmo again. And we're playing a fool despite lethargy. :P
Ah yes Neng, you said that's just your smile, take it or leave it. I'll choose the latter any day if you say so. :)

This water bottle is non-participative.

During TV Production Kristle tied me up using a thick rope and brought me for a walk at Level 9. She once said that I could be put into a Polly Pocket and bring around in her pocket. Haha.

As shown, I was working hard on my 'eye' for the ad, which apparently is the only good thing that one of the judges commented. :(

This is outraging really. Because it was the final league of project week, yet we have to go attend IS, and I spent 4 hours building a bridge using straws and bamboo sticks. Mag and Dar share the exact sentiments with me.

Goodness, I'm still hooked to Sweeney Todd even after 3 weeks. Argh, Johnny. 4

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