Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warms Me Up

A series of random family photos taken over the past two months!

After the chinese article on my uncle/auntie and grandparents, The Sunday Times also did a follow-up the following Sunday with a feature article and huge photo of them. Their mass wedding is this coming Thursday! Can't wait! :D

If you're keen in reading the story, look up for the Feb 3 2008 article online of from your stack of newspapers. :)

Big teddy bear w/o grooming of hair, taken in school.

Check this out:
I bet you can't locate the camera from the reflection.

I was this close to sending this photo for an entry for the Valentine's thing. Then, I forgotten about it the next minute. Heh. :P

I o"fish"cially treated Mr Lee to a scrumptious Seafood Platter for two. And played stupid finger guessing game just because none of us were willing to drown the awful Monkey Mermaid (something like that!). Oh, such memories.

Ah there, a clearer direction now. (Yes, I look unpleasant, TQ.)

Then the following weekend when Neng came over, I had a craving for Rojak and daddy drove us to get one at Hougang. I developed a thing or two for mirrors. But this is pretty obvious for my arm was up. =,=

(Note: Dad did Lasik surgery already!)

Probably the best Rojak around the area. Cheap and good at Hougang Ave 10, 24-hour KPT. Note to others: Do not be good friends with Neng if you intend to maintain a slim figure.

Back home, Sis was distressed while I keep disturbing her by taking really awful pictures of her from all angles. And I meant ALL.

I followed Sis's footsteps of stealing daddy's shirts and wear them. Ah, I do like my hair. :P

I didn't know Superman is still the fad, but it sure looks like both my cousins lack the curly strand of hair as their fringe.

Chio interior!
Chio exterior!
Alas! After receiving an intricate cigarette box from Graffiti Gals, I took a couple of photos along with Leopart (I still loved him truly).


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