Friday, February 22, 2008

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Open House / PSF


Results will be out on 14 March 2008, kindly check back later.
* * *

Because it was a hectic period during Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Open House, the photos are kept till now. And much things have changed as well. Which I should have anticipated long ago, but I was naive and short-sighted.

Wei Long was stationed to promote "Friends of NP" and after my dance performance I thought since I was part of Heatwave but NOT assigned any duties, I helped out the entire afternoon with him.

Weird thing is, I got reprimanded for following another's instructions. Oh well, shit happens, no?

Kenneth was really irritated by me. The moment I whipped out the camera and started taking snapshots, he was nagging non-stop!

But I really enjoy taking the cute side of people. Like this one of the General Manager of Radio Heatwave. :D

As always, Paul Twohill will always be one of the performers or main performer for any events in Ngee Ann. But this time round, sober.

Crystal used to be my presenter partner last semester. Korean fanatic she is, but I've also learnt quite a lot from her! Oh, and she only takes photos with her specs off. :)

And there the grumpy boy complaining again.
"What is wrong with you?! I told you not to take photos already right?!"
Haha, classic.

When there is no business, we ought to entertain ourselves a little.

I was trying so hard to capture Wei Long with a natural smile. And I think I almost succeeded. It waaaay nicer when he does a forced smile, no?

Uh, pathetic looking.

I was pretty surprised Radio Heatwave could bring Soler down! They attracted a huge crowd with they Irish looks and vocal talents. Because our 'stall' was located next to the retailer of the Soler X2 album, I noticed that after their performance, a lot of people went to purchase their album! Goodness.

I can still remember when I was back in Qingdao a year ago, on the minivan, I was indulging in their song named "陌生人". Boy, it was good.

But Neng beg to differ. He thinks boy bands like them use their appearance more than talent. The duo actually doesn't look that good in person, but in my opinion they do sound pretty awesome with their perfect notes.

93.3FM's 巫许玛丽 was the emcee so backstage I took a photo with her with a little bit of Andrew Choo's help. Heh.

Wendy Yoon came to disturb me. She says she's going to be famous. She insists that I post her photo. :D Have a happy internship in China, rich woman!

When Wei Long laughs...

My new purchase (then) from Playground Love.

Sometimes when I am mischievous, I like to make fun of Rebecca, my dance mate who is younger than me but I always feel that she's the big sister! :)

Then another Heatwave member took over the stall as the business became better.

Paul Twohill totally embarrassed me at the Atrium by showing photos of affection to strangers. Bloody hell. You can see more of his embarrassing acts at the (I think) for the Chick VS Dick episodes. Really dumb! (Eating cinnamon powder and getting drunk, hur.)

Faye Yong, hiding her face in her hoodie.

Afiq (ex-Programme Director) cut away his mane! He now looks so so so so much better. Gorgeous I would say. Haha.

Heatwave also invited some local bands to perform to attract the young crowds. The audience gathered round the stage for the highlight.

The Great Spy Experiment has fans so crazy they injure some people standing at the front and dancing as if they're in a club on Mambo Night.

I swear the guitarist was very cool, when he strums in this position.

I was blown away by his vocals as well.

And then the problems arise as the 'fans' got crazier. They even carried a guy up and started throwing him in the air. The last time I saw him, he plunged into the pool of humans with his head facing downwards.

The emcees had to remind and warn the so many times! Yet, to no avail.

Because more people were hurt as the people behind kept pushing the people in front and they fell over.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Open House ended with quite a bang and attracted many future prospects.

Eh, many dishonest NP students disguised as students to get the free goodie bags leh.
* * *
Kimmo invited Neng and Shy and I to her Poly Stage Factor drama performance one day after school and of course being the supportive friends, we went. At the entrance, almost half the crowd were Kimmo's family, relatives and friends! Now I know who's the social butterfly.

Kimmo's character was a Filipino maid named Maria. (Naturally)
She has got so much potential I tell you.

And these two too. The boy was very good at erm, "teh-ing" while the grandpa made me laugh non-stop with his mouth moving up and down, grinding his teeth like a real old man!

Gret acted as a delusional patient and she has a imaginary friend (scary!).

Her daughter put to much distress was forced into tears.

Kimmo with her damn funny accent and expression.

Walao, the male nurse was super funny! That certain flair he has when he took on different roles just tickles us.

There was basically NO PLOT, thus we ended up looking at one another asking, "Uh, the show finished already ah? So....what was it about ah?"

No doubt the characters are funny lah, and the acting was not bad.

* * *

Yay, puppy viewing tomorrow! :D


Unknown said...

I came across this blog while googling bukoh mary. Anyway best wishes nice blog, as I am a Ngeeann alumni, ex song composing club member. Nice pictures! cheers!

Unknown said...

I came across this blog while googling bukoh mary. Anyway best wishes nice blog, as I am a Ngeeann alumni, ex song composing club member. Nice pictures! cheers!

Unknown said...

I came across this blog while googling bukoh mary. Anyway best wishes nice blog, as I am a Ngeeann alumni, ex song composing club member. Nice pictures! cheers!

Thiang! said...

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