Sunday, March 16, 2008

May The Attachment Begins

Goodness, my first day of attachment starts officially in 9 hours time!

I'm so scared I'm not sure if I can fall asleep after this entry. It's like back to those primary school days, you feel the butterflies in the stomach (no, more like churning crazily), and even if you fell asleep, it would be dreaming about the first day working in a new environment.

I knew because last night I dreamt of calling up my company's director, who is also my supervisor, and he turns out to be an ang moh. Walao, the thought of all these doesn't help at all I swear.

So anyway the results are out and I'm finally moving on to Year 3 (actually I'm not so sure if I'm looking forward to it). I'm not so sure if I'm up to it though. I have mostly Bs and B+s, only Advertising a C+.

Most importantly, I can no longer be late!

Okay, so if you happen to be around Tanjong Pagar, ask me out for lunch or dinner!
I'm really nervous now, just got scolded by my dad. I'm going to bed now!


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