Monday, March 3, 2008

While Filing...

I found a Chinese composition I wrote in Secondary One, dated 20 May 2002. :D
And that is probably one of my first few essays I wrote.

The title was given by the teacher, "难忘的小学岁月".
Just wanted to share.
p.s. I'm sorry if you can't read Chinese, I swear I didn't do it on purpose.

小学的岁月, 给我留下许多难忘的回忆。

记得前年下学期的最后一天, 我怀着比往日轻松的心情到学校去, 因为假期就快要来临了。 可是那些比我高一年级的同学显得不同。 他们有的忙着拍照, 有的忙着写纪念册,脸上都流露出依依不舍的神情。 对于眼前的这一幕,我却无动于衷。心想:天下无不散之筵席, 反正大家都在新加坡, 今日分别以后,将来还有见面的机会, 又何必难过呢?

一年后,我小学毕业了。举行毕业典礼的那天早上, 我那起校服,想到这是我最后一次穿上它,眼泪不禁掉了下来。 这时,六年前第一天到学校办理入学手续的情景, 又浮现在我眼前。光阴似箭,日月如梭,转眼间,小学的岁月就这样结束了。

在学校里, 我感觉到别离的忧愁象雾一般地弥漫在校园里。有些同学一见面就说个不停, 有些同学却呆立在一旁, 心事重重。

毕业典礼过后,我们回到课时和级任老师叙别。这时候,课时里鸦雀无声。 班长代表全班同学,把一束康乃馨和一本贴了同学们的生活照片的相簿, 送给我们最敬爱的级任老师。我们还请他朗读相簿前业同学们描写的那一段文字。 他带着激动的心情, 一字一地念着。 他的声音,是那么地熟悉, 那么亲切。

读完后,他合上相簿, 台起头来,看了看我们, 声音略带颤抖地说:“同学们,记得虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后。我希望你们再接再厉,继续努力,争取好成绩!”



Goodness, my Chinese has indeed go haywire over the years. Once a composition this length will only require say 20 mins to type out, but now I need almost an hour! I can't believe this.

Yes, the essay is very dramatic. My essays are normally focused on feelings and details, thus I enjoy writing 'feature' rather than "newspaper article".

Gah, my attachment at Bain & Mercer starts in exactly 2 weeks, and I'm doing feature writing (journalism).

Today it's the hand-over session for the new batch of Heatwave full-timers and I met up with few of the folks. From there, we talked a lot about our attachments.

NONE heard of this BAIN & MERCER .

Very disappointing.
Ms Zalina also called me up as well to check on my Photoshop and Photography competency as my big boss wants to know.

I'm beginning to feel nervous.

Department: Editorial
- Content and graphic development for web portals
- Jounalism: feature writing (themed blogs, celeb interviews, online journalism, street news journalism (OH NO) and writing press releases (OH NO NO NO NO!).
- Photojourn (if I'm good) : Covering events like fashion shows, celeb events (YES YES!)
- Graphic and interactive design (uh oh)
- YouTube promotional video clips: concept and film
- Marketing: Event management (GG)

I've checked. My supervisor is the Director as well as the FOUNDER of the company.
Ok, I don't think I feel well now.

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