Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uwtimate Download

Helping Post

My friends are in need of help. And because there are too many assholes *coughs* *scape *coughs* HMSS *phlegm*, or simply put, a bunch of ingrates in the Atrium these two days, so I really really want to help them. I hope you can too!

How to help?

1) Go to this link ( Uwtimate Download ).

2) Register (It's free!)

3) Read about the discounts and privileges you'll be receiving when you flash the Uwtimate Download at participating outlets (FEP included)!

4) Automatically enter a lucky draw where you stand to win a Nokia N82 mobile phone, Eski Bar vouchers and even a 2 day 1 night stay at the SAF Yacht Club. Other prizes are worth up to $2000.

5) Spread the word!

6) Love ya'll!

Thank you!

This programme is brought to you by Tri Media.

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