Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heatwave Bonding Session

On Thursday we were called upon for a meeting with Annie Pek at Plaza Singapura so we made our way down to hear her talk for 15 minutes?
Since we weren't ready to head home yet, they decided to have dinner at Fish & Co. @ Glass House, where we waited for an hour before we got seated. By then it was slightly over 9pm already.

While waiting at the sofas, we were flipping through magazines and make random comments at anything and everything to the point that Mag was complaining I was too noisy. Hur.

Kym refused to take photo with me at first. She must have thought that taking a pic with me her IQ will be lowered to 50 or something. See, so skeptical.

Straight after taking this pic, I was complaining I look horrible upfront. :(

Side profile taken from the bottom obviously not working either.

After ordering the food, it was another 10 minutes before the food arrive and this is by far, one of my favourite group photo! :D

In this one, Darrick is a cat who preys on the fish, and Kym preying on Rick&Fish, while I prey on them. Heh.

There were more silly antics, and how could Darrick ever do without alcohol?

Later Kym and I shared a Blue Lagoon, while Rick took over my Pina Colada. It was as though an invisible line was drawn on the table, with Kym and I goofin' around and the other side a war ongoing.

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