Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Street Festival Radio Seg.

It was suppose to be a radio showdown between Radio Heatwave and Radio Pulze. We were called upon last minute to help put up a performance for SSF for Annie Pek (old hag!) to judge.

At first, I thought only Mag and Darrick and Mok were performing, but surprise surprise, 30 minutes before the performance commence, I was pulled along to sing 勇气 (ah yes, AGAIN) with Kym and Mag.

Luckily there was nobody at *scape at 9pm on a Sunday, or else I would be mortified and scarred for life for letting them know my name. I should have mentioned my name was Kym or something. Heh.

Mok was kind enough to help us out, strumming to his friend's guitar.

When Mag said she wanted to sing Lemon Tree, we were thrown back a little and she decided to sing Umbrella instead. It was the super acoustic version. Lamont just HAD TO open up his black umbrella to allow Darrick to spin it like a guniang on stage.

Darrick shocked surprised us by singing Oasis's Wonderwall. He sang with full intention of imitating the lead singer in Oasis and we had a great time bursting out in laughter enjoying the music. :)

A brilliant trick he pulled out, a magic card trick, teaching the "audience" how to cheat, along with Marc.

Do you want to know who won in the end? *grins*

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