Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SSF Bellydancing Competition

The second week of Singapore Street Festival, I was on duty with YY and Lamont at Vivocity, Sentosa LRT Lobby.

There was a makeshift stage, right outside Food Republic (freaking expensive by the way!!!!).

A little digression, there is absolutely no price list/signboards in Food Republic. You need to open your golden mouth to ask, and just my (one) dough fritter plus soya drink costs $5. My three pathetic-looking prawn dumpling costs $3.50.

This also means that if their customers were foreigners, doesn't it mean that they can jack up the price whenever they want to?

We had to be there for 11 hours, 11am all the way to 10pm.

Sound check with a amateur sound engineer who screwed up some of the technical things, making us sound muffled etc. But we have the responsibility to speak louder and holding the mic proper as well.

Faking going up on stage, because we need pictures. *coughs*

The first performance was presented by a Skipping group(Well, I don't know their name!) .I mean, that's what I saw on their bright yellow awful shirt. Probably because the stage wasn't what they normally practise on, the performance was below average I would say.

The point of this photo is that Kym wore mini kitten heels! She said it was of the wrong size, and it hurts her badly. And, she is still shorter than me (I was in moccasin/loafer that day) .*gloats*

I never knew I looked like this from behind. Gosh, I look real bad.

About half an hour ago I read a blog entry that made me decided not to put up a photo of Kym, though it would be so much fun. Unless she approves it tomorrow, I think I should just keep it safe in ButtPop. :)

Somewhere somehow I dug out a red skinny tie from Lamont's bag and for no reason he wore it and posed for a picture.

As you can tell, we were pretty much treated as extras thus the self-entertainment.

Just wanted to mention about this group named Vocalogy, and that woman in violet is just ... cocky. I mean, a normal person would say "excuse me" if she wants to move forward but blocked by you, and only if under a tight situation, then she'll nudge you on your back/tap you on your shoulder to indicate movement right? Not in this case though. She just pushed me forward, then walk passed, and whispered a nonchalant "'cuse me!".

Of the students of Vocalogy, I find that she performed her best with her sufficient confidence and drama mixed with singing in her song from The Little Mermaid.

For the rest of the afternoon, we just laughed it off while playing stupid games and eating. Basically we just introduced Erick Guansing's students and songs they were going to sing, that's it.

I also found out that the backstage design was lousy. Take a quick glance at the door. It was not necessary at all, is it?

At night comes the Global Asia (ironic, no?) Bellydancing competition and we were not needed anymore because they hired a professional emcee for the event so we took our leave to have a scrumptious dinner.

The emcee enjoys himself on stage and made the whole crowd laughed like mad. Hats off to him for doing a 'belly' good bellydancing performance just to entertain the audience, solo.

While buying time when the judges were collating the results, one little girl came on stage and danced to the music, totally oblivion to what was happening.

Who knew when we were called back, we had to deal with criticism and flak. We felt maligned and we were all unhappy. Especially Lamont, he was like totally ticked off by him.

Shander (middle), is one of the Street Fest in-charge we made friends we. YY and Lamont just kept repeating that they liked her a lot, hence the reason why they gave her their namecard. =,=

Champion for this year's competition plus bring interviewed by CNA, Channel 5 and another station apparently. I love her glamourous smile and toned muscles everywhere.

Darren Ho ranked second this year, representing Singapore and being the only male, was the focus of many articles I found online. If I'm not mistaken, he was the winner last year or something?

She came in second runner-up, and has a really supportive hubby by her side, seems almost like 24/7. I haven't seen such a lovey-dovey couple in the longest time.

That marks the end of the very boring day, but very good company for SSF that day. :)

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