Friday, June 6, 2008

Street Festival D'J Party

As mentioned in one of the posts, we were helping out in the Singapore Street Fest this year and my first emceeing happened at Suntec on a Sunday afternoon.

Coincidentally, I bumped into a few familiar faces on that day like Victor's cousin, Dennis, Cookie, Eric (who has joined the cosplay crowd) and Qi Min (J-inspired). I was pretty surprised .

The event was called D'J Party and I would say it was an eye-opener. It was awesome looking at so many cosplayers gathering together, just for the same of bringing their favourite anime/comic characters come to life.

Besides the bizarre/amazing costumes, there were 10 J-bands playing that day. Some were good, and a couple that's just annoying.

To begin with, I made a new friend with the sound engineer (sadly I don't know his name) but he's the one who helped listen to my hosting and tell me my problem. At the same time, he encouraged me and tried to help me overcome my stage fright.

His cold humour can be nasty sometimes. :D

The annoying band that plays loud, poor music. Bleh.

It was a collaboration between Radio Heatwave and Radio Pulze, so other than Marc and I, there were two Pulze Deejays, namely Winne (above in white) and Kelvinc.

The one with the weird facial expression above is Shander (difficult name!), who was the Stage Manager that day.

Just backstage, regardless of whether you're a competitor for the cosplaying competition, many gathered and posed for many many cameras. Ah, the one with green hair wass ... too nervous on stage.

I did not expect to see the crowd to be this big. Thing is, they were all very supportive. Many stayed till we announced the sponsors before leaving. Ah, love them.

As one of the offical photographer for Street Fest, this uncle caught my eye. Whenever he wants to take a photo, he would spread his feet wide and posed in an awkward manner, much like in those kungfu films. I was giggling to myself as he changed into another squatting position. I talked to him a little and he was explaining the soft cushion flash thingy is a diffuser etc.

The real commotion began when Mr. Jian Ming came out, donned as Ryuk from The Deathnote. You have no idea how popular he was. It was as though a Hollywood star coming out of nowhere, posing for photos and autographs. The crowd stopped watching at the bands, but instead gathered around him from all corners and snapped away with the cameras/PSPs/DSLRs.

No doubt he was one of the best cosplayers around and I think he did put in a lot of effort for this image. On stage when I probed him about his wings, he played along and said he grew it. Haha.

Yeah, we the emcees! :D Just a side note, Winnie is a fabulous host! I love her not-overly-accent, her confidence even when she said "a great Saturday" when actually it was a Sunday, and her always knowing what to say. In an odd way, she reminds me of Joanne Long greatly.

One of the cosplayers who fell into the category of "Best Alternative". Simply, it refers to the 'it' group. Neither male nor female. *guffaws*

The winners of the Best Female and Best Male respectively. I really must emphasize how the female winner look very good in photos but in person .... okay, she just has a very strong ah-lian accent. I'm sorry!

The male winner is slightly intimidating despite his small frame and looking very pretty. What he held on was a real sword he bought online and modified. On stage, he just took out his sword and stabbed onto the stage, making it stand. We were all like "woh" and "woaha". His eyes were red and it fits him well.

This group of people dressed in striking orange looked super cool even though I don't know which anime it was from. My favourite look would be the guy wearing the chemist glasses (top, second from right). He just looked like he really IS like that.

That day Asiasoft was there to oraganise a relay game. And it starts off with their game, Audition. I was hooked because initially I thought it was easy peasy, but then it wasn't as easy as I thought when I start playing it. The girl in charge gave me the CD-ROM for free that includes 6 games, but can only be played on a PC. =,=

Just in case you want to play it, you can download it HERE.

I would say it's a game worth practising your finger for. (Ahem no, I don't mean it that way.)

More of the cosplayers. Actually, with so many cosplayers coming down that day, I thought they were all competitors. No kidding, there were about 200 cosplayers that day dressed from the most doll-like to the most stupid looking. I had a fun time looking at all of them, singing praises and mocking (oops!).

On a desk lies two beautiful beings for showcase. Many of them brought their expensive dolls for a walk. They too, are dressed in the most exquisite costumes and hair.

Kelvinc, happened to be Neng Hao's primary school friend! What a small world! The best part about Street Fest is that I have a pass that says "Radio DJ" (quite loserish I know) and I have a cert! Heh.

Cookie came to say 'hi' and passed me a lollipop (aww). I have no idea she was cosplayer! Her group of friends were drooling over the organiser - a cute, tall (1.9M!) guy who is a contestant in SuperBand this season.

Can you see the crowd behind us? Hee hee.

Anyway, Street Fest is ending this weekend, you can still support us at *scape, Plaza Singapura and Suntec. :)

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