Monday, May 26, 2008

Emo QQ

After a short 2-days trip to Genting, we returned home to see a very distressed QQ. She was a smelly, hyperactive and angsty.

I'm guessing dad didn't take very good care of her after all, thus explains her body odour and very dirty play pen.

As for the enthusiasm, I guess it's natural for her to behave like that since the 3 people whom she is closest to are all away, and she was feeling very upset. So when she see us altogether, she was overwhelmed with joy.

I think she is mad at us too because we left her alone at home. For the next two days, she expressed her rebellious attitude by shitting and peeing everywhere again, very much like how when I just got her a few months back.

But I knew she did it on purpose because when I give her treats to see if she remembered the tricks I taught her, she knew them all!

It's so sad that I keep having doggy woes. No lah, nothing major, just that I'm wondering if there's any way for her coat to be shiny without spending much money. I wished I had more energy to bring her out for walks too.

I've checked out some doggy forums in the hope of going to their meet-up sessions so that QQ can make friends, or else she'll be stressed and get all depressed. The dog owners in my house area all are sibeh unfriendly one! Everytime I walk QQ near them on purpose, because I know QQ get along with all the dogs, their tails started wagging like crazy. They smell, they interact, but in less than a minute, the dog owners will put on a fake smile and command their dog "no" or "let's go", leaving QQ wanting for more.

Once, we came across this huge, gorgeous Golden Retriever but the owner wasn't very pleased, so I pulled her away by force. She became aggressive and barked at the owner. I sensed that the Golden Retriever was sad as well, since when he/she saw QQ, his/her long, beautiful tail immediately wag freely in the air.

Sigh. QQ looks very ugly and dirty meh? :(

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