Thursday, June 26, 2008

TRACE TV Launch Party!

On the 16th of June 2008 over 100 media executives gathered at Barfly, Clark Quay to celebrate the launch of TRACE TV, the latest addition to Singtel’s MIO TV family.

The night started with free flow conversation and drinks while the VJ prepped himself for the highlight of the night – video mixing. After the speech by Chairman and CEO of TRACE TV, Olivier Laouchez, a group of dancers performed a high energy hip-hop dance to kick start the night. VJ Hi-Grade wowed the crowd as he showcased his talent in video mixing – live.

The crowd continued to mingle and dance as the night came to a close. Guests were given TRACE TV goodie bags as they exited.

I'll let the photos do the rest of the depiction!

Hip-hop dance performance and the media, spotlight on the CEO of TRACE.

VJ Hi-Grade mixed videos of Justin Timberlake, Fergie etc (of which some were provocative and all R&B, hip-hop tunes). :D

Mid-30s conversing and mingling around with people whom they might not even know.

Shy went over to the bar and took this. Many foreigners to ogle, but! they're out of the 20-30 range. Hur.

I have zero idea on who they are. I only know that they work as waiter/waitress there since they're wearing the TRACE TV shirt, which was one of the freebie! Hee.

Speaking of booze, I was flaming red again. There were two occasions where guys approached us and talked about irrelevant things. We tried to converse, but, it was really hard.

Roar. I want my double eyelid back this instance!

Shy who was very bored at the party.

Cheers to the cliche "frenz 4eva". LOL. Closet lians.

Pretty coasters compulsory for every drink. =,= I mean, it's not as though the tables are exactly clean, no?

Many very chio chandelier lightings decoration.

Spotted: Few horny women scouring the male species for ONS. Hmm.


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