Friday, June 27, 2008

RHW Barbecue!

Instead of using the typical "it was a blast!", I'm going to describe this BBQ as an unforgettable one.

The event took place last Tuesday over at Marc's place, The Belleforte, and it took six people to make it happen.

In order to save time, Darrick ordered from BBQ Wholesale which I think has a pretty good website. The party was organised for all part-timers and I think they had a hell of a good time.

We went over early to help out. Kym, Darrick and I helped carry the first batch of food downstairs, while the others were upstairs *coughs* gaming *coughs*.

See that styrofoam box? The entire bottom piece of the styrofoam broke apart, thanks to Darrick's clumsiness. What was supposed to be the ice cooler snapped, became the tool to help us pick up the frisbee when it fell into the pool many many times. :D Water was flowing freely all over the ground and Darrick wet himself, in shock.

The frisbee was the main entertainment we have there and many times it went in the wrong direction, thrice entering somebody else's house.

If you're just curious about what our frisbee is for, check this VIDEO.

So anyway, I started the fire (yay!) with Darrick and Kym, as the part-timers start to fill in.

The green flame toy was purchased at Daiso the other time and it's pretty cool actually, just that it burns only for 5 minutes, what a waste of $2, no wonder people want to steal the green liquid only.

The girl in the foreground is Elyse (or Elise?), with a big-ass bird tattooed onto her right shoulder blade.

Surprisingly, for the first half of the BBQ, Khurshed and I were the cook, so we had to stand the heat and oiliness to serve everybody. Talk about community service. Heh. The food was fantastic (I didn't eat the chicken so I don't know how it taste like) but the salmon, sotong and otah are damn nice. That also explains the cost of them.

Darrick and Kym were fascinated by the squirting sausages that I think so-so only lah.

With great company and all, we did not neglect to prepare drinks, that resulted in a very hyperactive group talking gibberish. It was all in good fun.

Ah, the milk. Why would we need milk for a BBQ? Go figure, what does it goes with? B.B

Amidst the mingling, Khurshed was standing in a corner palm-reading us, and I have no idea how Taina cried.

Through all the talking, I got to know the part-timers, though not all, I've found a few whom I can talk to. :)

Marissa (in green) has a voice a 12-year-old and good friend of Tinah, who happens to look like Paul Twohill.

Beverly got upset and they comforted her.

The monster who is all the part-timers' best friend, and I am jealous. :D

The party drew to a close with everyone laughing and further interaction - a very successful BBQ!

The happy Heatwave people!


Kym was heading back to JB last weekend and she had to show-off her pet turtle. I purposely mishandle it. :D And if you notice, I left out the tail. Muahaha.

This is the kind of photo I like, au naturale (this time I don't want to ask Kym, she surely say no)!

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