Monday, July 21, 2008

iBooking Fail!

Okay lah, is iFail.

The other day I was supposed to meet my good friend for a session of great badminton. Supposedly is the key word here.

I thought it would be great because we're not using open-air kind of courts where there'll be strong winds or the sun scorching, but trusty indoor courts (with fans some more). I made prior booking on this iBooking site. Well, according to the site I recalled reading, online booking requires you to make payment through your Credit Card. But there in the next paragraph it states that you could pay at the counter.

Wednesday came and we excitedly rushed through our KFC meal to the Seng Kang Community Centre. It turns out to be the wrong venue because this bunch of senior citizens booked it for folk dancing! The man told us it could be the new complex at Anchorvale.

We brisked walked all the way there (not so near afterall) to find this stand alone building:

I was thrilled. Upon reaching the 'lobby', there were two offices and I headed one. It turns out there's two management and both hae badminton courts and their own booking system (highly irritating!!).

Just in case you want to know more about the complex, it's gorgeous and super big, equipped with many facilities like the gym and even swimming pool. The only thing is, it's pretty inaccessible. The only bus service is 372 and even so you have to walk.

So apparently the other office was the right one, BUT! because we only reached at about 9.15PM (I booked 9PM the slot), they had cancelled our booking at let some other people take our court!

The guy then told me that we have to come at least 15 minutes before the booking time and make payment. I mean, such important information I don't see why you can't place it on your site, prominently?!

In the end, we strolled in the cool air, clear skies, with me feeling very dejected and useless.





Until my good friend found this HDB area where there's little wind. We decided to give it a try anyway, but only making minimal noises because it was already 10PM.

My faggotyish good friend is afraid of the shuttlecock! So I took advantage and used it against him instead. Muahahaha.

My friend is Onion. :D

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