Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hoyu Hair Fashion Show

I figure I'll never be labeled as an party animal and I'm glad with the way it is. However, I'm afraid I'll become an "alcoholic" if my drinking habit persists on.

Back to the title topic, Tuesday night RHW attended the Hoyu Hair Fashion Show at:

This time round, we are invited to Hoyu's launch held over at The Arena! It was the launch of two of their hair product series, mainly the Glamage - Hair Manicure, as well as Mallia Hair Care Products.

Yes, the bus journey was so long that we almost didn't make it in time for dinner. On the bus we were watching how this young Eurasian couple smooching and caressing and Kym and I threw each other "the look". Right, I'm such a voyeur.

Coincidentally, the place where the rest want to have dinner, was right next to The Arena, which made things much easier for us. We settled for a quick meal at The Satay Club, where I had 9 sticks of Satay for dinner, while Kym paid $6 for a small bowl of diluted, no-chicken curry with one Prata. Seriously.

At the entrance, we were greeted with enthusiasm and given a media pass each to wear on so have have the permission to enter the backstage.

As the very nice lady ushered us to our couch, we were also handed a couple of goodie bags, which contained the media kit and complimentary Mallia shampoo and conditioner.

We arrived there early so we managed to catch the second half of the rehearsal. While waiting for the fashion show to commence, and guess what makes Darrick and Kym very happy? They had to blame me for ordering my second complimentary drink a fruit punch (maybe with alcohol?)!

We started people-watch and commenting on the models as if we were professionals. Magdalene got flushed faster than I am! :D Needless to say, there were many, many metrosexuals and homosexuals as well.

Before the cameras roll, the models prepped themselves with thick make-up, fantastic bods, while keeping their hair (real & fake) in check. Of each theme, I have a favourite model, some of them are really pretty!

Slowly, the guests filled in and it was so crowded! And see who we've bumped into - our fellow coursemate Nadia Shah, who is interning at SPH and attending 2-3 events every week! That night was the first time I see her don in a revealing dress with her tattoo inked beautifully across her right shoulder blade.

We each ordered housepours and sinked into the happy music and atmosphere.

The lights dimmed as the dancer emerged from the darkness, a Geisha dancing gracefully to the Japanese-influenced music. For this fashion show, there was multiple themes.


  • Bold, outrageous hairstyles in black colour presented by a group of hyperactive dancers in black, sexy leather costumes {wild}
  • Models with their hair in brown/blond shades, wearing all-white to highlight the purity {plain}

  • Models in similar gilttery short dresses sashaying down the runway in their glamourous hairstyles, each very unique {mysterious}

  • My favourite goes to the models who wore long, loose-fitting dresses in their outrageous square-cut hair. {maternity wear - or so Kym call it. But so 80's I love it!}
  • Last but not least we have the extremely beautiful Geishas in their intricate costume and thick make-up, along with their exquisite hairdo. {A bit freaky but extremely bewitching}

The guy models came out strutting down the runway coolly, showcasing the vibrant and vivid hair colours. I swear, a couple of them really look like Japanese. Did I mention Darrick acted as a pimp that night?

Happy us squeezing (seriously) on the couch.

And with the final parade, the show ended.


Now, if I could be a model... ...

... I'll ... just look ugly.

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