Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Whiteboard Hassle

In our mission to cut cost while interning at Radio Heatwave, we decided to pick up somebody else's rubbish and make it into our treasure.

What I mean is that while the office opposite is undergoing some kind of big renovation, we saw the workers carrying the big-ass whiteboard out to the corridor, waiting for the presumably (Bangladesh) workers to throw away.

Darrick suddenly thought of an idea and thought we could use that for our new continuity room (located at Atrium).  Though it might be super super super dirty and very big, we decided we shall clean it and send it to some carpenter who can do the cutting job for us.

So Lamont and Darrick took a good 10 minutes carrying it into the office before we girls start on the cleaning. And trust me, it's not easy feat.

Firstly, imagine this board is a very badly stained one. We were already halfway done when I took this.

The stains were there hell-knows-when and it't not removable by just normal water + soap combination.

This auntie passed me a "Strong" spray for whiteboard and we started spraying it o the tough spots. Well, initially I was just spraying and telling Mag and Rick to wipe here and clean there. :D

Then Kym took over my responsibility and I had to wipe instead. =,= I must have lost 1 kilo there from cleaning or something. Kym said her fingers are sore from spraying! What logic!

Darrick, despite the lethargy, seem to be having a lot of fun...

Scrubbing and more scrubbing... and we took another bottle from CTV - some kind of cream based lemon flavoured detergent.

Now if you step into our office, you'll see the sparkling whiteboard leaning proudly against the cabinets.

Mind you, normally the cleaning work are all mostly done by ME, and Yi Yuin. Just thought we should take the credit. Hee.

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