Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pregnancy Pact

I came across this piece of news last week.

If you're lazy to read about it, let me do the summary.

In a nutshell, 17 teenage girls have had a "Pregnancy Pact" together in Gloucester High School in US. It states that the rising trend of teenagers getting pregnant at such a young age is alarming (oddly reminds me of  Catholic Junior Collage).

These 17 girls have been trying to conceive together (well not all at the same time, but you get it). What is surprising is that the girls are more upset when they are not pregnant than pregnant. Presumably, they see pregnancy as a shortcut to to adulthood and also gaining more freedom from parents.

BBC is not the only news agency that reports on this issue.

My question is, do these girls do it because they are really good friends and want to give birth one after another so they feel that they have a special 'girl bond', or what?

BBC points out that it could be under the influence of iconic star, Jamie Lynn Spears, who gave birth to her baby at the tender age of 17 that let teenagers think that it is okay to have children when two is in love.

I highly doubt it's because of the movie Juno that people will want to get pregnant. I mean, unless you really think that when you get pregnant you will have such supportive parents, a non judging female BFF and a best friend who happened to be your lover who also happen to willingly taking up the full responsibility for getting you pregnant. Uh huh, that is highly unlikely to happen.

My Top 5 Reasons why Pregnancy is so NOT happening to youths, or rather to me:

1) Unstable Relationship

I'm guessing no mothers want their innocent cherub growing up fatherless, so don't risk having kids with irresponsible man who jilt you the moment they hear that you're pregnant. At the peak of our youth life, nothing seemed certain for the future, because we change, and situation changes as well.

2) Unstable Finance

Unless you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth (even so, you're leeching off your parents for your own baby), you won't be able to raise a kid. If keeping a dog as a pet can incur so much cost, how much will it cost to raise a kid of a lifetime? Sure, the dog will live for 12 years, but your kid? That's not even mentioning dogs naturally no need to go to school nor wear pretty clothes.

3) Center of Attraction

On normal days it would be nice to be in the spotlight once in a while, but it isn't if you have to tolerate whispers and judging eyes for 9 months, let alone nasty comments from relatives and friends. Too much stress, to much to handle.

4) Parents' Acceptance

Even if you share the closest relationship with your dad/mom, I don't think it will still be an easy feat to go up to them, give a nudge and announce casually, "Mommy! I'm having a baby!".

I'm pretty sure you won't get a response like, "Wow really?! I'm so proud of you sweetie!"

5) Love

Foremost, the ability to care for your baby. It's not something you read the information online and know exactly what to do. It's not like a dog where the dog can be independent and trained to pee/shit in the allocated place within 2 weeks. It takes time and effort and a whole lot of love to raise a child. Plus, you have to suffer the cervix dilation and excruciating(wild guess) pain of squeezing out the crying being.

Funny thing is, even at my age of 18, I can't see myself being a mother in 10 years' time. Fine, give it 7 years or 5, I don't think I can do it. In fact, I'm mortified of being a mother.

Okay, end of rant. :X

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