Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eileen's 19th Birthday

This isn't obligatory but since I'm the kind of today-I-was-late-for-school-eat-breakfast-and-meet-up-with-dear-blogger (*coughs* somebody said I was though I beg to differ), I've decided to post all of the unglam photos from the birthday celebration.

When we say meet at 7pm, Eileen told specifically told me "mai late". In turn, she walked in at 8pm, in model fashion, with boyfriend Vandalin.

The dinner was pretty quiet at our table, since the live band was darn loud and that every now and then people sing "Happy Birthday" out loud from every direction.

Even though we did asked the Fish and Co. staff to come sing song for her, it disappoints me greatly that no one approached us, let alone even singing a Birthday song. :( And sadly, my motive to sabotage Eileen did not succeed.

Unlike Eileen, I did not watermark all the photos and I've decided to almost all of them up. Heh, just because they are all so darn candid!

It's the expressions and mood I want to capture.

Riiiiiight. In this particularly embarrassing one, someone suggested that they should all point towards my chest because I'm the only one among them that is flat-chested. Obviously, the expression on my face is not made up.

Speaking of boobies, look who's the one been harbouring thoughts of grabbing boobies. :d

Seated in front of them, I just hold my camera and wait for them to react. I mean, I tell them to go on with whatever they want to do because I want to capture 自然照 like how wedding photographers will do.

So they laugh at me. =,=  In the midst of their laughing, I snapped this and I love it. Look at the wide smile plastered over their faces.

The girl gang finally met up after ages and there was a lot of catching up to do as well. Since Vandalin has proved what a lousy photographer he is (haha, but true!), we girls decided to do it on our own. :)

While I was busying laughing my head off, Shy took this I absolutely like this.

If I were to listen to Eileen and walk around everywhere with this expression, it's called "Act Cute". Thing is, I don't think it's cute at all! ^^ Eil has long, sharp tongue.

This is mandatory for all birthdays what!

It irks me so much that while editing all the photos, it was MY face that requires the most time to work on. And all I do is just smoothen out the skin.

Later  into the night, Kimmo headed to her Aunt's and Vandalin drove us to Arab Street.

There, he made the order. We enjoyed sipping on the Blackcurrent Tea.

Anyway, the night was humid and my bottom was soaked with sweat. Roar.

We were just smoking away and Eil got frustrated because she thinks there isn't enough smoke coming out of her mouth, so she took multiple sucks.  Then she became groggy.

And Shyanne did smoke too, just to prove that it's not choking. But she coughed.  

On the way home, I got the exclusive sneak peek at the 4-page long essay. Hee. I hope V's not angry!

Finally, I shall dedicate this photo strip to Eileen and wish her a Happy 19th Birthday! :)

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