Thursday, August 21, 2008

Onion's BBQ

My great pleasure to meet a bunch of humourous guys, and girls at the BBQ at Pasir Ris.

What I initially thought was the unbreakable ice melted almost instantly when Jeremy gathered us around the stone table to talk about his Theory of Attraction and Relationships. That was deep man. Yet I'm not the only one who did not understood what he said.

It seemed like the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy to me from the way he said it.

It was such an embarrassment to let them think my English is the best amongst the clique of 18. I think I disgraced my course. :(

I was running late because it was National Day (Happy Birthday by the way) and I went to watched Money No Enough 2 with a pal before heading down alone.

But if I haven't, I wouldn't get to see the pretty lights shining from this new building I see.

I was bobbing my head to the tune until I reached the pit, and met many new faces. Let's see if I can recall them from this picture:

Apple?, O-e-she, Jun Guang?, Jeremy, Onion!.......wait. I had better stop. I can't recall. 0,0

Must be the lack of sleep.

I had a great time with all of them, and a pity no photos with Wan Shan and Glenda. Oh well, at least we know we can get along just fine. More than fine, great actually, hor? :)

I'm sorry, don't be angry already okay? :)
And thanks for the invitation plus talking at the tent side. LOL. You know what I mean.

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