Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dawn's Wedding Part II

Quick Update:

I didn't plan to blog about this, but I just saw more photos being uploaded onto my Facebook account, can't help it but to drag them onto my desktop! Heh. (Ya lah, because got my pictures in it. At least I'm honest. )

Like I blogged about it before, we had to travel back and forth between the groom's house and and bride's place. After which we also headed to their new apartment near the groom's parents' house.

This is to highlight her gorgeous gown. Sis love it to bits, but I find it much of a hassle because the skirt is heavy and bulky and you know, difficult to walk in. Hur. I want my wedding dress to not be a tube dress!

I almost forgot there was this throw the bouquet thingy. The sad thing is Diana, who was the one closest to the bouquet and supposed to catch it, squatted down and shunned away from the flowers. She was so afraid of the superstition and kept on chanting under her breath "I'm not ready yet, I'm not ready yet!". She also didn't want to keep the bouquet, and I had to help her hold it throughout the day. 0,0

A friend of Dawn commented on Facebook that this photo look like a commercial for "Desperate Housewives" because of the dramatic wind effect. Haha.

William was a very sponaneous groom, in my opinion at the very least. He fooled around with the lot of us and cracked silly jokes that made us laugh and enable Derrick to take some very interesting shots.

Like this one here:
He just unveiled Dawn and was spinning it over his head while doing this cowboy thing and singing, "Woohoo, let's get naughty tonight!". Aiyah, something along the lines lah, you get the gist. The bride's so pretty from every awkward angle!

This one was fun. We were in their new bedroom and supposedly the higher you place the veil, it will help the husband's career (he's rich enough in our opinion, haha). The house was awfully beautiful! The wallpaper, to the walk-in wardrobe to the flat screen TVs they own...

That's when we were chilling in the living room. I just realised that pair of short legs that couldn't reach the floor belongs to me.

He was gloating when he had to give us the red packets! Earlier on we were "bullying" him what.

As we were about to head to the church, Derrick caught a glimpse of my bag. All of them thought that was my makeup bag (seriously, do I look this vain?!)! Nevertheless they liked my bag and so do I. Heh heh. :)

So they were asking where I got it yada yada, and I opened up to show them the interior of my carrier. Ah, a sense of satisfaction. Attention whore, I know. :(

And that's the proper photo taken outside the church. By then I was pretty knocked out, the humid weather and the sun making me very sleepy.

Bwahahah, cute photo suggestion by Derrick.

Once again, photos credited to Derrick Ong of Derrick Ong Photography.
Lastly, thanks for letting Sis and I experience the "sister" episode! :D

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