Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dawn's Wedding Part III

I swear this is the last entry!

Dawn apparently uploaded the photos at different points of time and I just got tagged!

 The girls stuck their heads out of the window to find the source of the honking ruckus...

 So the guys DID eat the lime, sugar cane, bitter chocolate and chilli padi afterall. Hahaha...

I love this Swing The Carrot game. Looks awfully wrong enough on photos - like an anal blowjob. *shudders*

I guess I did a pretty good job for editing the ear lobes of the "sisters" so as William cannot distinguish the number of ear holes, moles we have. He can only decide judging by the shape. Heh. He got the answer wrong by the way. :D

He had unveiled the bride and we're all set to go! ^^v

7 darlings dressed in white.

Okay, THE END.


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