Monday, December 8, 2008

Can I Castrate You?

Hello World,

Mommy had sent me here once again, for a quick update. She seemed to be pretty pissed, judging by her topic. I think it's because of me.

She had brought me to the East Coast Park today, and then while we were happily strolling along the walkway, I came across these two Jack Russell Terriers (JRT). So naturally, I got really excited and started to make loud noises - it sounded very much like "gwaarrrrrr" and "arggggggh" and "wooooooooooooof!".

I was being very tactless and did not manage to see Mommy's embarrassment. She held me back, tried to calm me down (which I totally ignored) and we slowly approached the JRTs. I think because both the dogs and the owner looked pretty approachable, we have decided to say hi and make friends.

Little did I know, with my first sniff, one of the JRTs gave me a snap and bit my face. I was in pain but I couldn't retaliate. I didn't know how. Mommy was in pain too but she recalled BearPa once told her not to separate an attacking dog in case the dog might bite, so she pulled back half way after attempting to rescue me.

Mommy wanted to pull me away but because the stupid JRT was holding on to my face, I yelped in agony.

Mommy was so angry because apparently the owner (I strongly disagree to call the dog their "dad", coz' he's quite a fucktard really) DID NOT do anything to control his dog, EVEN KNOWING THAT HE'S ATTACKING ME.


He did not even TRY.

And he calls himself owner? Furthermore, he had TWO JRTs.
He is unbelievable.

In defense, I know I sound very bias here, but I did not do anything cheeky to provoke them. I was just being myself, wanting to get to know them. So why must he injure me?

Mommy said what's worse, was that the owner "did not fucking apologise or look apologetic AT ALL".

So much for all the reports on "Rottweilers severly injure the puny, pathetic JRT".

You see, my Rottie brothers are actually angels in disguise:

Mommy just asked me to write this down, "I have nothing against JRTs, but fucking grow some balls to control your dogs. Son of a bitch!".

Now, allow me to get some rest after a marvellous day with Mommy and Daddy...

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