Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brewerkz 'o8

It is unusual when a place you thought might be your potential favourite hang-out turns out to have beer you had to force yourself to drink so that the price can be justified.

About two months ago, some girls on my secondary school side wanted to throw a birthday gathering for Si Hui.

The last time I was at Brewerkz was last December. Oddly though, when I think back, I enjoyed my fruit-flavoured beer. This time when the girls ordered a tower, I dread every sip I take. I mean, it really taste quite gross leh. In my opinion, even Corona and Strongbow Cider tastes yummier (I'm not exactly a beer fan).

In order to drink alcohol, I had to "set base" for my stomach. We orderd a platter to share between us which was not half that bad. I preferred the pizza though, it was yummy.

But you know what I think tastes the best over there? The god-damn french fries. I swear the next time I visit Brewerks, I'm just going to nom on the fries. Heh.

Besides the food and beverage, Hui came late and received her Fred Perry present from her clique.

The rest of us drank, and I couldn't finish my pint. Point is, I don't have to drink that much to reach my duapehthiang (you have to do some research on this to understand) state.

It only takes this |______| much to make me red.

Oh, but I do have my favourite beer combi: Blackcurrant cordial + Cider = Refreshment
Aaaah~ Now pass me my pint please...

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