Saturday, January 3, 2009

Birthday Gratitude

I hope you didn't miss the Christmas countdown like I did, nor how I missed my New Year's countdown as well. No, this is not an unhappy thing. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Over the past weekend I had so much fun and intoxication, I have neglected my virtual "daily" log, dammit.

Knowing that my 19th birthday has since passed 6 days ago and I have yet to express my gratitude, I feel guilty.

Firstly, on the 27th and 28th when I looked at my gmail, I got a shock:

I think it's the first time ever in a single night I received so many emails (with no spam) and they are filled with well wishes! But, it didn't feel very nice because many who wished me were either acquaintances (hello, I don't think you really bother about my happiness and my birthday) or strangers (worse). Nevertheless, those friends whom I haven't been able to catch up with, thank you all. :)

No really, I don't think my sis look awful here, shows that we're homely people what!

Secondly, I wanna thank these people mentioned for the text messages (albeit some were two days late):
  • Dwayne 
  • Wai 
  • Eil
  • Kimmo
  • Emerson
  • Zhen Han
  • Don
  • Jia Ling
  • Kai Yuan
  • Luther
  • Zhao Rong
  • Jun Ji
  • Liang Yu
  • Alvin Ee
  • Anonymous "Happy Birthday! Hope you haven lost your phone again n dunno who i am ah. Heh heh" - Who are you??! Hahaha. 
  • Gibbie
  • Ruok aka Vincent aka Rapist
  • Onion
  • Sebastian
  • Kien Hoe
  • TK
  • Dishan 
  • James O'Brien
  • Jian Wei
  • Victor Ho
  • Kumz
  • Yong Xuan
  • Samuel
You all make a gleeful Thiang on the 28th, while I was frolicking at the beach.

Thirdly, thank you to those who greeted me, shook hands with me and wished me happiness face-to-face. These include:
  • VK
  • Derrick
  • Bjorn
As you can see, I am very good at remembering these types of details. Muahaha.

Fourthly, to those who presented me with presents!
  • Kam Fung
  • Cai Ying
  • Kimmo/Shy/Marvin
  • TK
  • Sis
  • Dad
  • Mom
Big hugs!

Fifth, I wanna give a shout out to Dwayne, and thank him for clearing one of the toughest wish on my list.

In my final list, he cleared the cantonese birthday song. He called shortly after the clock strikes twelve and over the phone and gathered loads of courage to do that. I must admit I was deeply impressed and touched. Thank you! I hope you find peace and happiness soon (you know what I mean).

I have found a shop that sells dog carriers that seems pretty promising to me! And I think I will get it, when I feel "rich" once in a while. Heh. 

Point number 10 seems a little awkward. That's because I did receive something "handmade" from my dearest, as well as a card from my best friend from secondary school! I love these awesome people! Thank you Ming Le, I like your present!

In order to uh, spread my joy, I've decided to bombard this post with loads of photos of myself and each of them named "Rapturous!". Heh heh. Let me off the hook this time okay?

Despite the fact that the number of presents decrease, I have this strong incling that those who gave them to me this year, mean so much more.

This year, my birthday was a quiet affair, no deliberate "oi, today is my birthday leh!" kind of announcements, nor "buy me presents leh" proclamations. I just smiled while enjoying the fantastic weather at Tanjong beach.

 This little brat probably enjoyed herself a lot more than I did! ^^

What surprise me though, was the fact that I actually agreed to go to the beach, when I dislike the beach (generally).

Perhaps due to my Sept trip to the island that made me gradually fall in love with the sand and water (still no sun please thank you). Which reminds me that I haven't blogged about it... ... *avoids*

What's new to me was that I actually spent my day with a few other people whom I do not know, and helped them take photos (I did not appear in any of it afterwards either).

I don't have any negative feelings, but felt serene, calm and contented. No doubt I'm a sore loser (generally).

If I told you every year during my cake-cutting moment I  am very nervous, so much so I just wanna get it over and done with quickly and at the same time my mind is a blank piece of paper so whenever they ask me to a make a wish I actually didn't make any even if I've already tried to force my brain to come up with one so I told a white lie and said I've "made a wish", would you believe me?

Last but not least, wishing all a very fruitful year 2009 ahead!
*skips off to examine my new scheduler, squeals in elation*

UPDATED : Thank you to the great barflies at CBB too!

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