Thursday, January 8, 2009

Double Ks Birthdays

It is highl unusual that I manage to find time to blog in school, during study hours. But that is only because I decided to skip the opening of the new Radio Heatwave and Ngee Ann Open House, and that I forgot to bring my notebook (thus cannot do work).

So here's two long overdue birthday entries:

Thanks for inviting me to your 21st birthday Kristle! I, unlike somebody, would gladly wish you  "Happy Birthday!" and I hope you like your Vera Wang perfume.

Honestly, I don't quite understand why some couples always "Buy 1 get 1 free". I mean, if you're not invited, then just be independent and stay home. Let your partner go. Why attend and then sulk or whatever not to dampen other peoples' spirits? Just because you're not happy doesn't mean other people is not entitled to it, you know?

On a happier note though, we had yummy cupcakes (handcrafted by Wen Tong)...

Loads of cleavage to look at ...

 -(you'll understand why when I move on to the next birthday girl)-

Great company (albeit I went there alone)...

And of course, booze.

I was really late for the party because I stayed on in school to blog and had to hitch a ride over to Lamont's place. Firstly, I must comment that Lamont's living area is damn bloody nice! Lights nicely dimmed, wooden flooring and pool area everywhere. I am envious.

Lamont introduced me as "someone who's not important" to his two best friends. I can understand why they are good friends. One looks young almost like he just completed PSLE, and the two others just behave like children. :D

I admit I was being lazy and refuse to barbecue food that night. I was bugging Hong Jun, Shy and Nadia to get me some salmon. Heh.

But unfortunately this thief came along and stole my salmon sticks. The funny thing is, when I chase after her to get my fish back, she walked into a pillar, which was really embarrassing. :P

Many were invited, playing Indian poker and drinking Vodka, while I sat coolly in a corner...talking on the phone. 0,0"

These two still wouldn't take alcohol, and they left as soon as the cake-cutting session was over!

During the cake-cutting, something unhappy occurred and Lamont being hot-headed and all, confronted the situation, which wasn't exactly a smart move. But no worries, Kristle was still very happy!

Because the party had to end early, about 12 of us decided to head over to Holland Village for a drink. Booze was one-for-one so each of us got a bottle, except for Lamont and Hong Jun. We had a brilliant idea of playing "I've never..." and I think I shouldn't have been so truthful after all. :(

Now I feel invaded. Hahahaha. Sine then, I've been hooked to the game. At every event, I would yell "let's play I've never!", over and over.

 Moving on to the next birthday party. Now this one was supposed to be a surprise. But due to my negligence she found out about her surprise party.

So clever I was, I came up with a decoy plan, to let her assume the party was on a wrong certain date. Heh. And it worked! She walked in, all stunned and speechless. Muaha.
P.S. I know it's hard to focus on the candle blowing...

Life is unfair huh? Another one with friends baking cupcakes for her! Pretty ones at that! :( *sulks and jealous* These were made by Kristie and Shyanne.

I'm not sure if it was a mistake to bring QQ there, because most of the time she was tied onto something, if let loose she'll run away and I was worried she might eat the wrong "foods".

The girly group photo was very very fun, because we did multiple silly shots. The humongous card was made by Marvin to his dearest! So sweet.

The following photos are Couples Compilation:

I like the way the photo turns out for Darrick and Mag.  And oh, Mag appeared in Ice Angel's blog for one of her portrait photo shoot last month!

Olivia and Daniel. I think I take very nice pictures of couples, no?

Eil and Vandy. Her tube dress is dropping. Vandalin brought a bottle of bubbly red and that was when I got addicted to it! Light and yummy!

Kimmo and Marvin (who was playing sports most of the time during the partay, thus the wet sport, or was it?) .

Now, where's my other half?!

Kristie the organiser, sponsor and host. Heh. That's not QQ, that's Shannon her MS.

No idea who got the packet of masks but I saw it lying around and nobody's using it so... just open it and play! Here, we were supposed to look sophisticated.

QQ looks super adorable in the mask. Eil, QQ has bigger eyes than yours!
*hears "KNN! CB!" in the background*

Charmaine and the Polaroid card. Marvin brought the cam and we had lovely keepsakes! ^^

Pop the champagne! And why the weird expression? :d

Daniel and one of his "Nan-da-yo!" moment, over spilled curry.

Mag looks obscene in this one. But QQ's expression is soooo.....lovable!

Okay, my head's spinning again. About time to have my project meeting soon. Sigh.

What HAPPY New Year?!

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