Thursday, September 17, 2009 + TLB = The Leaden Burden

The 'hosting' (note: Simply because what I did is more like a promoter's job than emcee-ing!) job have finally concluded two Fridays ago. It was such a relief. Friends have been asking me if I'm really short on cash(haha!) since I'm multi-tasking, but the money is not the case (okay maybe a little). The meager pay can't even cover my meals (note: I don't eat expensive food.)!

Soyjoy event at Citlink Mall: SOYJOY Ambassador 2009, Nadnut, came to support  me along with some barflies!

But it was nevertheless a good learning experience and lesson learnt. I should ALWAYS, always  check the salary first before agreeing to any terms and conditions.

Feet aching from 1/2 day's work, this was before having to endure another 3.5 more days of similar intensity.

I wouldn't whine if we (the other girls and I) were given the kind treatment and some form of welfare. Honestly, if I have to open my mouth every five seconds for eight hours while standing, the least you could do is to provide water. Plain water.

Instead, you got two bottles of 1.5L for yourself and superior then retorted to me,
"Huh you don't know you'll be talking meh? Later lunch then you buy lor."
And when's my lunch. Both events almost at 4PM. Naise. Considerate.

Don't blame me for letting you know the truth about the hypocrisy surrounding you. I'll just have to close two eyes.

Enough of complaints, now on to some pictures!

I owe it to my friends for my optimism and perseverance. *touched* Thank you guys who had came down to show your support! :)

Actually I don't know if the clients, bosses, sponsors were pleased with my performance. No matter what, I want to thank those vendors who praised me from their hearts and told me you preferred me more. :) That really made my day and boosted my level of confidence.

But yep. Now I can proudly say I've done my part. Looking at the brighter side of things, I can now proudly proclaim I've done public speaking! I've also made new girlfriends who happened to enjoy online shopping and flea markets! Awesome.

The people from PlusOne Asia were kind enough to give me the free gift I want when I purchase a fragrance from them.

Super inexperienced, thus the holding of my PERSONAL notes that I burned the night before till 5AM.

Beverly, one of the selected brand ambassadors for My TLB Magazine. You are so going to be my shopping kaki!

Sound technician Shawn Low, thanks for giving me pointers and tips and enduring my emotional rollercoaster rides. And yes, I helped you reunite with your secondary school teacher hor!

Last but not least, to the one who have been photographing me through the entire journey (and I actually look good in some), thank you Haw KL.

Looking forward to what comes next.

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