Friday, October 16, 2009

Bon Appetit!


Today I’m whipping up a scrumptious dinner, following my new recipe that I’m holding on to here. But first, let me whet your appetite by sharing with you one of my favourite cooking experiences!

Some time back in April, the girls came over to my place for a baking session (still requires culinary skills what!). We met at Ang Mo Kio and purchased all the necessary ingredients to make yummy cupcakes.

The baking queen of the group brought the rest of the tools that we need to make the icing top.

Of course, all these have to happen when my mom’s not around because she is such a cleanliness freak and with 4 girls messing up the kitchen will drive her up the wall.

The funny thing about the baking experience was that we didn’t use any scale of measurement, most of the “measurements” were done in agaration, or judged by when the Fierce one says “stop!” as we pour the flour. Heh.

We didn’t even have a proper sifter because my old one was already rusty! I think I tried grinding them with my fingers instead. But you know what? We now know that baking doesn’t necessarily require a sifter and the pastries still taste great! Hur hur.

So my favourite part was to mash everything up when we dump everything into the big bowl, aka giving the dough a good massage. Though my arms were sore from the mixing, it was not good for the Fierce  one. She would then make grunting noises and give disapproving looks before grabbing the dough and do it again.

I love how my fingers felt buttery and sticky, yet you can smell the tasty sweet dough!  

The Busty one had lots of fun when it came to making the icing. We added colours and icing sugar and start to create different shapes. We have hearts, rainbows, cloud, sun, flowers, and mine – lightning bolt. 

At the end of the evening, the floors were flour-ey, tables sticky and hair flying everywhere. We sat together around the dining table munching on the chocolate cupcakes that were now ready. Then we don the cupcakes with the icing that we made. 


It was a simple affair. For me, it was a memorable experience because (1) I seldom have girlfriends and this group of rare beings liked me! (I think),( 2) Nobody, and I mean NOBODY comes to my place for tea, let alone baking, and (3) I don’t cook. It may have seemed boring to you, but it meant a lot to me. 

Now, let’s get back to my new Rabbit Meat + Rat w/ Chilli Stock and Glutinous Rice recipe here. Wha…at? Too exotic? Nah! We got to try something different sometimes.  

I’ll go turn on the stove.



Oh shit. I’ve forgotten that my house do not have gas!!!

It’s okay, I’ll call the gas guy. 

In the meantime, listen to my worst cooking experience.

When I was Secondary 2 and attached to a younger boy (yes it’s true), I decided to make him a meal on his birthday. It was one of those few rare trips to the bigger supermarkets since I needed a special kind of rice.

I was making sushi. About to make sushi, that is.

I made a shopping list, bought bamboo roll, vinegar and what not, seaweed etc. I swear I even researched at the library on how to make a simple cucumber sushi roll.

Slowly, I followed what the book instructed (fine, I might have not have ALL the ingredients and perhaps missed out a step or two but still!) and cooked the rice, added special vinegar. The result was supposed to smell nice, and then put into refrigerator. Somehow mine was… indescribable.

Ignoring that, I waited for the rice to cool down and lay out the mat and seaweed roll.

As I put the rice on top of the seaweed, rolled it in like the picture on the book, the rice all stuck to the bamboo mat instead. I had to peel the rice out and try again. Over and over again it stuck, and every time I pull out the rice it got even more cui, I can even imagine the bacteria going in!

And I thought the cucumber part should be easy. Apparently I don’t know how to pick a good cucumber and let it oxidize too long outside. Instead of crunchy and fresh, they were shriveled, sour and soggy.

Alas, six pathetic-looking cucumber sushi roll managed to stay in an oblong shape for a while. I packed them into a plastic box, handed them to the then-boyfriend.

 I told him over the phone I had prepared a meal for him. So he skipped his lunch just to eat my um, home-cooked food. I can the disappointment creep across his face as he stared at the six miserable cucumber sushi rolls that now seemed to have shrunk even more as I took out the box.

He opened the lid carefully, gave the sushi rolls a long hard look before picking one up and put in his mouth.

His expression: Priceless.

Not in the good way.

Sigh, I swear I can never cook. Humpf.

OKAY, gas guy is here! *evil*

Be sure to catch the latest delicious movie Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, brewing in cinemas now!

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